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December 31, 2012


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Allan M

Hmm I would really have to disagree...from a quality perspective, I think audible really sucked...Audrey Napoleon and Chris Lake were great but focusing on deadmau5's performance, he really didn't do well at all. He is known for being a great producer, not a great DJ, nothing more. He would drag on song introductions for what seemed forever, the buildups were extremely slow as well. He continuously stopped the music to "talk" or stop the music after a song was over...common dj excuse to avoid making a mixing mistake and start a new song without blending it with the previous...When he played Daft Punk - Around the World he let it loop for an extended amount of time and literally admitted " I didn't know where I was going with that"...I am trying to review this without having to bash on him too much but I really believe it is true, and if you point out these issues to anybody who thinks "it was the best show ever" they'll will realize deadmau5 didn't deliver. Ask any real life DJ who was in the audience watching him mix.

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