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February 18, 2011



I heard about that case when I was a kid. Part of the legend back then was that Ted Andress had been blackmailing Eidenoff. Are there any follow-up articles that give more background information on this?

Michael riley

I remember this case because I worked for the woman who stole the photographs from Dr.Eidenoff.She had a relationship with Dr.Eidenoff and found the photos,which she promptly took to Ted Andress for blackmail.After the shooting she was intolerable to work with because she was deadly afraid Dr. Eidenoff would escape and come after her.She moved to California and I never heard from her again.I don't know if this is true,but years later Dr. Eidenoff was free and living in New York.

Lucas Alaman


According to the NY Times a Dr. Harold Eidenoff passed away in Riverdale NY in March of 1997. I wonder if it is the same man?

Lucas Alaman


The above is a link to the case between Andress and Eidinoff

Lucas Alaman


And here is how he managed to get out of the insane asylum

Trish Long

Thanks for the links Lucas and that is the same Eidenoff that died in 1997.


And Ted Andress got a high school in Northeast named after him...

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