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November 26, 2009


miner football

And don't forget they took our names away and our native language and most people who carry spanish sur names in el paso and of native american pigmentation don't even know anything about their native roots which would include their native names, language,religious, pratices,etc. We were stripped of our identity by the europeans !


And the the natives of the land conquered it from other natives, stripping them too of their land, language, and identities.

But the tables are turning. Unchecked immigration has led to the stripping of Western European ideas and principles, and, as a result, much of America is slowly being transformed into a place where Spanish surnames are the most common. The Western European quality of life is also eroding, being replaced by the third-world standard enjoyed by the majority of the world's Spanish-speaking countries.

I suppose it's a shame that the old, native ways of life are gone. The times when the average life expectancy was below 40, and nearly half of children died before reaching adulthood. The constant fighting between tribes, and the cruel treatment of those captured by enemy tribes, forced to live as slaves if they weren't killed outright.

In time, at the current rate, America too will become a third-world country. Then where will our Spanish-speaking immigrants go? It's a long swim to China.

For those who care, I myself am a "Native-American". But I'm not a stupid one.


yep, i liked the ways of wearing the loin cloth and but-flap.

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