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October 29, 2009


Leah Pearlman

I am a seventh grader from Wiggs Middle School and I am recently doing a project over the Haunted Hot Spots of El Paso. Seeing that you "dig up" newspaper articles from the past, I was wondering if you could help me find old articles about paranormal activity in buildings, or sightings, anything would be of great help. If there is a way I could even search for articles with you or anything in that case, is would be greatly appreciated.
Leah Pearlman

Mercedes Lubo

i used to live in El Paso, i was always intrigued with the history of the town and all the ghost and urban legend stories. I was wondering if there was book on the ghost and urban legends in el paso? it would be great if you could help me find a book like that.I would really appreciate it.
-Mercedes S.


is not weird to hear about places like this, in this place many people has died, is like the case in Mexico where a train hit a bus with children, and now people say that you can hear the scream of the children in the nights.

sophia hernandez

My name is sophia Hernandez, one of the founders of Incognitus Imago. We specialize in finding answers for families nad businesses with paranormal activity. This article is an excellent example of someone helping the community. Many dont realize what paranormal investigating really involves, and how popular methods (provocation, candles, etc.) can make things worse. My team and I would love to help the community understand the paranormal. www.myspace.com/incognitusimagio


i live in el paso and have never myself seen a ghost anywhere but i do no that it a very haunted place. sometimes cementarys have a ghost hunting thing and if you are interseted in it check it out to see if u find out some ghosts in el paso

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