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August 28, 2009


Octavio Solis


You have to keep this going forever. These are a delight to read. The history of our town is as colorful as any I have ever read and you prove it every time you post a "new" entry.

I've been a playwright for the last twenty or so years, and most of my stories take place in El Paso. I feel I could write a thousand more because this area has so much history, and culture, and controversy embedded in it.

Keep it up.



This was cute! I love reading old newspapers, it is quite an eye-opener.

Please do continue!

Robert S. Burke

Why, if ol' Charles Henry Fusselman woulda been there he sure woulda shot that varmit!

A Hillbilly

Since I first read this story yesterday I've been unable to get the theme song from the TV series "Maverick" out of my head.


This must have been 1895's version of the "internet toughguy".

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