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July 30, 2009



Writing from LA here ... I saw President Ford's appearance at City Hall Park. At the time, I was a UTEP freshman working at the Factory Store which was situated at the NE corner of Stanton and Myrtle. In the period leading up to his appearance, I was excited that I'd have a chance to see a US President without having to compromise my Saturday employment. We employees could see him from the store since the podium, about a block away to the east of us, was high enough.

The Factory Store had a Mexican national clientele, and at the time Ford was speaking, there were a number of shoppers in the store, simply shopping away, oblivious to our excitement over what was going on outside of the store.

My mother was in the crowd (8k sounds like a gross overestimate, by the way) gathered before the podium. She had had the pleasure of shaking President Kennedy's hand when he had been in EP in the previous decade, and by another lucky stroke, had the chance to shake Pres. Ford's hand when he walked by.

Although I've since had the opportunity to meet and be in the presence of men who have run for President, I have never seen another US President in person.

No, El Paso history is never dead. Thanks for the opportunity to reminisce.

bachelor of arts

this El Paso is really good, if you never post here, people will forgot it somehow.

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