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June 16, 2009



Trish, was Bobby Fuller from El Paso? The story never points out a local tie.

Trish Long

Bobby Fuller and family moved to El Paso in 1956 when he was 14. He left for Los Angeles in 1964.

Here is a link to an article on The Handbook of Texas Online:


A Hillbilly

Very interesting. I had moved from El Paso a few years before this story ran. When I read your blog yesterday I did recall a story -- had to have been in the mid-'80s -- that quoted Bobby Fuller's mother. As I recall, she was adamant in her belief he had been murdered. It would be interesting if some cold case detective re-opened the case, just to try to clear up the doubt. Even if everything did point to suicide or accident, it would, I think, make for an interesting episode of that "Forensics Files" show on TruTV.

Mary Ann Childress Gillispie

Bobby was my brother-in-law for 3 years and I know in my heart he did not commit suicide. He was so talented and had so much to give to the music world. I remember times when we would be watching TV, he would go into the den and sit at the piano and write a song in 30 minutes. It came to him so naturally. He didn't drink much and hated drugs. The world lost a gifted man on July 18, 1966


Thanks, Trish!


Bobby Fuller lived a few blocks from me. He lived on Album Street and I lived on Rutherglen Street, which dead-ended on Album. Randy's father (Lawson) and my father worked for El Paso Natural Gas. Co. If I recall correctly, Lawson Fuller worked in either the purchasing or accounting department. Lorraine Fuller was a friend of my mom, and Mrs. Fuller on most afternoons came to our house on Rutherglen to have coffee. Randy was nine years older than me, and I only knew him as "young kid" who occasionally went to the Fuller home when my parents did. In their garage (I recall it was probably 1959) there were music related instruments but I was attracted to a pet squirrel they had in a cage.

Both Bobby and Randy (to me) were quite and very polite.

Here is a link to our neighborhood in Scotsdale (an aerial photo I took from my airplane) in September 2009.

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