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May 28, 2009


David Middlecamp

This is the first context outside of a game of Monopoly that I have heard the term debentures used.
A little Polident should clean them right up.

Doug Arnold

My Grandfather worked as an accountant for Mitchells sometime in the 40's or 50's.

Thanks for a great story


My dad worked for Mitchell's/State Distributing off and on, from around 1946 to 1954. He drove a route truck, and worked in the main office, in El Paso, in 1952 and '53. He left because they wanted him in the office, but he was better suited outside. He always enjoyed telling a story of taking a case of Mitchell's to a beer convention in Albuquerque, probably 1951 or '52, and everyone there wanting to drink Mitchell's instead of whatever brand they were repping. It was a great beer, but the modern breweries killed the little guys, mass quantities over quality.

boom lift

Yeah, Thanks for a good story. Now I know more about Mitchells.

Luigi Hanway


hi , thats a real neat story , but one question
do you have any old pictures of the Harry\
mitchell brewing co ,at 3801 frutas and latta
in the early years 1904 1918 and newer.
I would like to purches some old photo of the
Can you please e-mail and let me known if
you have any or where I can get the photos
E-MAIL:[email protected]!

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