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April 29, 2009


Steve Wayne

Mr.Eurich was a very nice man. When I and my
brothers and I would walk by his house when we were boys we would jokingly yell"Hey Bozo" at him.He never seemed to take offense and always responded by saying "Hey boys how are you?" I was very saddened by his death.
God Bless Howell Eurich

Bob Bozo

Great memories of Howell, Puffy and whats her name. We miss you Howell & Puffy.


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wow... 360 outfits for a platinum blond pup... i don't know if i'm more surprised or jealous...

Trish Long

I'm jealous.

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Reading this brought back many a memory for me as I am sure it will for my relatives that read my post.
I watched Howell get into Character on many occassions growing up, he was one of the kindest people I have ever known. The Jordans were very dear friends as well. Thanks, for the trip down memory lane.

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Lucky dog! I wish my pups will get famous one day. But who am I kidding? Like that's gonna happen. But it's sad that Puffy's not a celebrity anymore. I wonder what had been going on in her mind after she realized she's gonna retire. At least, it's still a happy ending. Anyway, my wife's another idea for good dog treats is dressing them for the holidays. We would take photos of them wearing different costumes. I think they like it 'coz we don't get any complaints from them. Dogs just love attention, don't they?

John H. Duncan, Jr.

Ok. This may sound really strange but my memories of Mr. Eurich were of Saturday nights scaring the heck out of me in the weekly "Horror Theatre" shows. I can't tell you how many times I could not sleep thinking of that image of Mr. Eurich's face in the beginning of the program, after commericial's, and at the end of the program. I still remember that laugh...Give me chills still. However, I wonder if there are any of those shows out there somewhere. Can't seem to find them...

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