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March 04, 2009



Why hasn't Cold Cases looked into this disappearance? It would make for a great TV Cold Case file.

Betty Guillen

Back in the mid sixties my family rented the Patterson home unaware of it's history. We were originally from El Paso but my father's career toke us to Los Angeles for a few years. When we moved back to El Paso I was 13 and my brother was 10. My father worked for the Southern Pacific RR and worked nights so obviously he slept during the day. My Mother worked the usual 9 to 5. As most families we were all too busy to really communicate with each other all the time so we made our Dad's days off our "family time". About 3 months into renting the house on Piedmont...we were all talking about how the house was beautiful but weird. Dad slept during the day but he said he could never sleep...he always felt someone in the house...then Mom chimmed in saying she really couldn't sleep either for the low conversations always coming from the den in the semi basement. Yeah, there was this half basement to the house where there was this creepy rectangular window...you could only see peoples feet when they walked by that window. The house was rented furnished and there was a radio in that basement that dated at least to the 30's. Much to my brother and my surprise this radio would go on at weird times for just an instant. Anyway, we moved the the Coronado side of the mountain to the Shadow Mountain apts. and that is really when we all realized we had been sleepless at Piedmont for 3 months. My cousin had an Uncle that was a Detective for the El Paso Police Dept. months later at a family gathering told us about the house and our hair on our necks definetely stood up straight. It has been a great experience just knowing we lived there. Any one from that time would also remember the witches house at the very end of Piedmont at the dead end...we used to go to her door and act liked we knocked and one day she really came out...scared the day lights out of all of us...we used to call them the Moon Worshipers. We all thought they would come out only during full moons and switch houses cuz she also had a daughter that lived in a weird house on Piedmont...the daughter was constantly painting her living room. TRUE STORIES!

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This was a long time ago. I'm not sure if this case will be solved. Maybe new technology can add leads. If there are really aliens, then leads could be stopped by the government.


I've been intrigued by this case for many years since I grew up here. It seems by the accounts I just read that they were killed by Kirkland. I don't know if they ever searched the premises for bodies because there is no such mention of it.

As they say, always follow the money and in this case, the beneficiaries of the Patterson's estate.

May the Pattersons rest in peace.

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I think this will not be solved after 48 long years. Though there are leads, I think what we can do now is to pray for their souls.


Oh my goodness! What a mystery is that! Is it ever gonna solved anyway!

Elo Moreno

It's one of El Paso's great Mysteries....and all i know, is that the time friends of mine and I went....pretty errie.

Symone Menchaca

I'm very interested in this story. I'm going to stop by this house and check it out. I might see that witch house too. Does anyone know if the witch house is abandond or occupied? I'm interested in figuring out if this patterson house is haunted or has any paranormal activity. The witch house probably does, but i want to know about the patterson house.

Betty Guillen

Symone, I promise you the Patterson home has paranormal activity! If there was ANY way that I could buy the home I would jump at the chance now. I just wish we had been able to buy it back when I lived there. The furniture was so beautiful. The oriental rugs and the creepy den down stairs. It is a wonderful split level home! Betty Guillen

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