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February 18, 2009


jane smith

I remember the El Paso Drive-in on Chelsea as being the first in EP. There was a stable on Stephenson Street right behind the drive-in and because there were no car speakers we would go just beyond the property fence and watch the movies for free. Hmmm. Been a long time ago.

jane smith

Do you have the history of El Paso High School and Houston School? And how about the property where the old Masonic Hospital was located. When was the hospital sold and the Sears Roebuck store was built?

Larry Martinez

What an AMAZING photograph!

I've been doing research on the drive-in theatres of my hometown of Fort Worth for the past two and a half years, and in that time I've discovered photographs of other drive-ins in Texas and around the country. I can tell you that the Del Norte's screen tower (which is pictured here) shares the same design with several other "ozoners" in Texas, including the Mission in San Antonio, the Valley in Harlingen, and the Waco in Waco. And from my research, the architect was Jack Corgan of Dallas.

Thank you VERY MUCH for unearthing and sharing this outstanding picture!

ליסינג פרטי

Southwest touch is the big picture in front of the building above the theater. This scene depicts three Indian warriors mounted their horses, watching the caravan of settlers through the scanner moves to the north and El Paso.

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