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September 15, 2008


Michael B. Johnson-Kazanjian

My name is Michael Benjamin Johnson-Kazanjian, son of Elissa and Dick - Cia Numar///Chiquita-United Fruit Co. in Costa Rica. We are very good friends of the Telles family and I want to get back in touch with them after many years of no contact. As a little boy of 4, in my dad's arms, I met and shook hands with John F Kennedy on the front lawn of the US Embassy residence in Santa Anna, along-side 'Uncle Ray'. Please, if you can help me contact the family, have them email me at [email protected] or reg mail: PO Box 1191 - Chandler, TX 75758. My meesg ph c/o Rev. Richard Prather: 903-539-2414 Thanks!

michael b johnson-kazanjian

This message[the posted one] is for the Telles Family from Michael B. Johnson-Kazanjian: Uncle Ray, Tia Delfina, Patsy, and Cynthia

Michael B Johnson-Kazanjian

I'm trying to post this in San Diego, CA
Michael B. Johnson-Kazanjian -- [email protected]


:) I am very pleased with this information, and not just that I can't belive that this man runs for things without oppisition! He must be a good man.

calis clubb

i am also very pleased

Michael B Johnson-Kazanjian

This is a brief update by Michael B. johnson-Kazanjian--
I've still heard nothing from anyone re: my Uncle Ray, Tia Delfina or the Telles family. My updated cell no. is 903-805-5908, this is my business no.; please leave a mssg if you can contribute any information. Thank you kindly.
***** I don't understand the last 3 comments?!?

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