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August 08, 2008


Richard Mattersdorff

Thanks for this essay. Many years ago, staying at a Hilton, I opened the drawer where the Bible and restaurant menus are supposed to be and instead found Conrad Hilton's wonderful autobiography, "Be My Guest." I learned a lot from that book.


Great article Trish!

Just curious about the spelling on the Mobeley Hotel, as I've seen it referenced as the Mobley Hotel as well. Any thoughts on why the spelling would be different across reference sources?

Trish Long

Leontiev, I am not sure. I have seen different spellings even between the Times and the Herald Post.

The man who shot John Wesley Hardin is referred to as both Sellman and Selman in both newspapers.

Brisbane Hotels

I have admired the Hiltons because of their determination to make their hotel system as successful as possible.

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Brilliant and Admirable are the words that come into mind when we talk about the Hiltons and the system that they have created. May they continue to provide good service to the guests that their hotels have.

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Thumbs up for this guy. He has revolutionized his hotels with the system he created and that is why he is successful.

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Someday when I own my own hotel I'll probably follow his example. I have respect for Connie because he continued his fathers ideals and made his system evolve.

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I didn't have the privilege to know the person but because of the good things about him that I have heard off, I then concluded that this person was really a nice man with many legacies that must be followed.

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