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July 25, 2008



Yesterday I watched an episode of "City Confidential" on the murder of Lee Chagra. The episode was titled: "El Paso: Outlaw Attorney." And the synopsis was: "A flashy lawyer is murdered in the crime-infested border town of El Paso, Texas."

The program made a brief mention of Jimmy's legal troubles, but I didn't know about the Woody Harrelson connection. Wow!

Anyway, sucks that once again the subject of a television program that was broadcast across the nation sheds a negative light on El Paso.

Thank you for the article Trish!


it might be interesting and historic, but dont make hero's out of thugs. by the way, who is left in town who was associated with this bunch and still doing business. maybe a realty company ? money lender and where is the trucking company owner who was married to the realtor ? what is he up to now ?


Do you know where to get a copy of that episode? I've been looking for it forever.


Harrelson was also one of the homeless that was questioned during the Kennedy assasination.

citizen joe

Harrelson the actor was not raised by his criminal father. The dad left when Woody was a baby and he really didn't know him at all at the time of the judge's murder.

The living Chagra's are good people, not criminals (save one in prison) and should be left alone to live their lives and raise their children in peace.


im jimmy chagra jrs girlfriend. we've also been looking for the episode if anyone can give us info i would greatly appreciate it. [email protected] thank you all....


Try and pick up a copy of the book "Dirty Dealings" by Gary Cartwright. I think you will find more detailed information, than the episode. Knew Lee Charga well...He defended by brother in the late 60's

Jessica Hanke

I am Lou Esper's grand daughter. I have to say that all the facts in the episode are pretty hazy.You can find the episode at A&E.com. Lou died in Phoenix AZ in 1997.

Shakes McCoy

to Citizen Joe, I appreciate your mentioning that the living Chagras are good people, etc. but you stated "(save one in prison)" and I'm just wondering if you personally know the "one in prison?" I'm also wondering if you are implying that he is not a good person and IS a criminal? No offense to you, I'm just wondering what your thoughts are. Thanks...

Pearl Rhoda Downey- Cross

My father new Lee Chagra well he was our family
lawyer. If you want the real story get the book
Dirty Dealing by Gary Cartwright. The Charga
family were not Mexicans thier family origined
from lebanese heritage,the family name was
originally Busha'ada. They were involed with the
Banditos motocycle gang in EP. could go on and on but you need to read the book, it will give you insight to who this family was.

Valerie Gameros

Saw this episode just the other day and I had a feeling these folks were not Mexican. Thanks for clearing that up Pearl.


I was shocked when I read about Jimmy and Joe. I attended El Paso High School with both of them. Jimmy was one grade higher and Joe and I were in the same grade. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagined that these two guys would ever do such a thing. Jimmy was always quiet and the girls considered Joe a jock. He played varsity football and was very popular. How sad, how they wasted their lives. AND how they hurt their families for what? Money!! How foolish. Nothing gained. The mother lost sons, a wife lost a husband, children lost their fathers and siblings lost brothers. My condolences and prayers for the whole family.


Some genetics simply dictate the organism to be evil. No scruples, no sense of ethics, and no morals... These spawn evil. Not to mention embarassment.

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