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July 16, 2008


TV or not TV

"These days, Lucas performs six days a week at the Rio Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. His contract runs through December 2006." ????

I was just in Vegas (2008) and he was doing matinees at the Luxor (or maybe Excalibur--I get them confused). Very talented guy.

TV or not TV

Oh, OK, I get it now. This is "tales from the morgue." Shouldn't you at least have a date noting when the orginal article was written?

Trish Long

You are right, I forgot the date. This article ran Oct. 25, 2005.

Don Kirkpatrick

Ron Lucas' first television appearance was in El Paso in 1973 in a 30-second TV spot for the Independent Insurance Agents of El Paso, which I wrote and produced. Lucas' talent was apparent to me then and has grown tremendously during the past 35 years. I'm delighted to learn of his many successes over the years.

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