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July 23, 2008


Edward St. Leon

Ernest St. Leon was my great grandfather. Do you happen to have a picture of his new tombstone? I was at Concordia last year and saw the old one.

David Ernest

I would like to know who funded the new headstone for my great-grandfather and would appreciate a photograph of it as well.

Trish Long

I don't have any additional information but I will try to contact Concordia today and get back to you.

Maybe you can tell us if there are any photos of Diamond Dick and what happened to the diamond his mom gave him.

david ernest st. leon

I have a picture of him. I can take a digital photo and email it to you if you like.

Trish Long

I talked to the nice folks at Concordia today. A new tombstone was carved for Diamond Dick but it hasn't been erected yet.

The tombstone was paid for by the Concordia Heritage Association and the El Paso Historical Society.

As David mentioned above he is going to take a photo of a painting he has of his great granddad and send it to me to post here.

Hamilton Underwood

Trish Long:
my wife Dr.Deen Underwood was responsible for getting the stone made from Zambrano Monument Co.TheConcordia Heritage Association. Paid for the labor and meterials
to produce the finished product
it is cut out of the same granite block that Hardin's and Selman's stones are cut out of,I can send you a picture of St Leon stone that was placed July 22 08 if I have a E-mail address to contact , I built the first cross that is still at the grave sight set in concrete. if you want more information please contact us at our e-mail address or phone no. we are in the book thank you

Trish Long

Ms. Underwood,

Thanks for the additional information. I saw the original cross in a photo on the internet. I was wondering if they were going to leave it there.

You can email me at [email protected]

Thanks again,

david ernest st. leon

Hello Trish. I was going to send you a photo of Ernest but it seems you already have one. It's the same one as the one in the picture. I think I remember someone snapping a photo of my painting when I participated in an event honering my Great-grandfather. I know it's the same one because my picture has a tear near his chin just like the one in your blog. I would like to thank all parties responsible for placing the headstone in honor of Ernest St. Leon. Thank you very much.

David E. St. Leon

K.L. Wilden

When you have a chance, Mr St Leon, I'd like to hear from you. [email protected]

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