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June 24, 2008


No better city

This story is El Paso in a nutshell. A woman so beautiful she becomes a world famous model/actress. But in El Paso, she was only runner-up in several beauty contests.

There are so many beautiful women in El Paso, it makes my head spin.


Great Job! Now here are my three favorite El Pasoans:
Sandra Day O'Connor Supreme Court Justice.. Sam Donaldson ABC news.. and star of Sideways.. Thomas Haden Church..
keep rolling.
Formerly of El Paso


Don't forget about Ed Hochuli. Famous UTEP Alumni. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Hochuli

Rodrigo Rosa

Great article!
I like Susan Blakely - she is so beautiful; and seems to be nice, cool...
I watched some films where she acted, but one that touched me - THE TOWERING INFERNO - so many tears, and sadness! It was on TV last week, in my country; well, the dubbed version - much more "touchable"!

Rodrigo Rosa (Porto Alegre - Brazil)

computer screen

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Kent McGregor

I knew Susie before she won the modeling awards and most of us at UTEP felt that we had proven that we had girls that could compete with NYC. I was someone that was fairly irrelevant in her world, but I remember that she and Elanor Duke, Ph.D. a biology faculty member that enjoyed supporting her students, was close with Susie and would relay stories of the price that she was paying for her success.

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