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May 09, 2008


Tim Collins

So I'm curious, if there was a patent issued, can the plans for this invention be accessed and tested again?


Very kind of you, thanks.


Ogle drained his gas tank before the trip, and poured in just tow gallons with the reporter watching.

Nice spelling in that sentence. TWO!

Trish Long

Thanks Bob. I fixed the typo.


Tommy's "invention" was boiling gasoline to make it possible to burn a very lean mixture. He got the good milage by loosening the wheel bearings, backing off the brake shoes and pumping up the tires to rock hard. All the demo drives started at the top of the hill near the airport in Las Cruces and went down hill and down wind to El Paso. The engine didn't have enough power to start the car on it's own. Cheater was working on a heated intake manifold for Tommy to make the Invention a little more usefull but drugs and money killed Tommy before any more work was done.

Miller Girl


If the downhill explanation is true how did he get from El Paso to Deming and back on two gallons?


Go over to Cheater's and ask him to show you how to plumb NO2 up from a hidden tank in the frame (or a fake fire extinguisher), up through the engine mounts into the block and up to the intake manifold.
Smart race car builders have been doing this sort of thing for years.


Whatever:,Tom ogle had people all over that car,he made the front page 4 days in a row, & all the ignorant clowns said " The Sky is Falling Its A Hoax" He removed the smog equip. & it burned better than Most New Cars, Then They Said The Machine was Wrong.It Burned clean because hes Burnin VAPOR. SEE SHELL OILS 356 MPG. Car, AT 30 Mph". That to me equates to at least 150 MPG in My Truck Today.


He Didnt Need To Run Lean.
Put A bit of gas in a container, Stick it in the Hot Sun,{Let It Heat Up} Have Spark Ready, Open Cap! Then Tell me: hes runnin lean...


After 35 years, we still have those who believe that the only solution available is fossil fuel...amazing. Tom may have been a con-artist or he may have been just a guy who stubbled onto something that would have translated into billions upon billions of dollars of losses for the largest sydicate in the history of mankind. Accident? Suicide? I think not. The simplest explanation is usually the right one. Tom was just dumb enough to turn the light on after everyone had gotten used to the dark. I'm 50 years old...just a little younger than Tom would be were he still alive. I stood in gas lines...I voted for Jimmy Carter because he said, "never again"...oil won that round but I have to keep fighting because I still believe we can change the world. Don't let this be the way it has to be.

john nagle

well said popeye58, just everyone imagine what it would be like to go 100 miles on a gallon of gas. tom ogle was ripped off.


I have been working with HHO, and after looking at Tom's design, have turned my interests into Tom's idea. Hope more people do this.



How is the work coming, did you come up with anything yet?

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Im going to try vapor but hho still is on my mind too . Working on both. I would like to get 50 plus out of my 35 ft motorhome ?



are you a shill??


This idea needs to be sent to Mythbusters on natioanl T.V. to been proven or disproven,alot of people know of this story and would find it entertaining to say the least. I believe Ogle was on to something.


Chad < i must agre..it needs to done on Myth Busters. I have a copy of the patent and it was easy to get on line for free. IF it works , why has no one built another??

Trish Long

Chad, Scott,

I just posted it at Mythbusters, here's hoping they check it out.



Tom Ogle's 100 miles to a gallon of gas was not a hoax and nothing was hidden. I should know. I was one that went on his trip to Deming and back. I was his wife.

Trish Long

Thanks Monika. I didn't realize you went on the trip as well. I knew it was Tom and a Times reporter. Can you tell us what happened to the Oglemobile? Thanks again for the additional information.

gordon knapp

The oil company (Shell) got him, of course.

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