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May 12, 2008


Charles Baudelaire

I enjoy your blog very much. IMHO it's the only blog here that has enough content to justify its existence as something other than a bored reporter's bully pulpit.

I would very much like to see an article sometime explaining all the many miles of abandoned development west of town near Horizon City. Perhap[s the story is familiar to natives but I've always been curious how such an extensively planned development could just be completely abandoned.

Again, thanks for your blog.


I also would like to see more on the development east of El Paso. I was out there last week and did see activity, including small planes and vehicles at "Wallace Town" (made up of western looking buildings which were actually picked up and moved by trucks from thier original location further west on Montana). I also noticed a statue of a horse at the entrance which seemed rather new. Is there still activity/development going on?

media reader

Cheater Bella is an amazing man who has lived an amazing life. Print more about him.

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