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April 25, 2008



Trish, your blog is the best of the bunch. There are so many cool things in the archive.

Miller Girl

What an idiot. How can you extort money from someone by threatening to expose information everyone already knows. It was no secret that Cash was arrested. Not to mention the reason he admired Cash is because he "fought back" Moron.

Armando Sanchez

Just a reminder that Jesus Gurrola is a decorated Vietnam Vet, and what ever happened then, he made up for by serving his country in combat.


Wasn't Cash here to play a concert at Liberty Hall? Tex Ritter was one of the others who were to sing, if this is the same time. As I recall, Cash made it but was late and Ritter sang every song he knew, once, twice, and then some til Cash made it.

Hector Mendoza

Who cares if he was a decorated Vietnam Veteran. Does that make him Holier then thou? I dont think so. Did going to Vienam deter this idiot from knowing the difference between right and wrong?...I dont think so!...and how can you say, that he "made up for it by serving his country" thats nonsense. Last I remember, Vietnam was an unpopular war amongst Americans. This guy saw a DISHONEST opportunity to make money off a celebrity and Vietnam has NOTHING to do with it!


So cool Trish!
Thank you Mr. Gurrola for serving our country! However, I agree that his status as a decorated war veteran is irrelevant.

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