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April 18, 2008



Wow! Great blog! I look forward to learning more about things unique to El Paso.
I love that the star is on every night. However, now that it's all about going green, maybe the star needs to be on only during Xmas or special occasions.

mark hernandez

I live in the U.K. and travel back to El Paso often, the star always lets me know that I'm home. Let it be lighted every night. Mark

Jerry Fernandez

I believe the star should only be lighted during the special holidays and also during special moments just like the hostage situation back in 1979. ONLY

Wishing star

Sometimes, I park my car and stare at the star and make a wish for love, hoping my soul mate is doing the same and we will one day meet and fall in love.

Gabe Trejo

The star on the mountain is as much a part of the El Paso skyline as "Benito" is a part of Juarez's. El Paso is the SUN CITY, slap some photovoltaic panels next to the star and you no longer have to worry about powering it with the grid.


Keep the star lighted year-round. It's an El Paso landmark and expats, locals and tourists know El Paso because of it. Flying into the city at night and seeing the star lighted makes me and countless people smile.

Miller Girl

I enjoyed it when it was lit only at Christmas. Now I don't really pay any attention to it anymore. It isn't as special as it was back then.

Vick Lara

I grow up in El Paso, now I live in Northwest Indiana I like to see the star only on Christmas Hoildys, I have beautiful memories there.


Keep it lit all year!! It's a great landmark and it gives El Paso an Icon. Let's keep progressing not regressing and lighting it only on holidays and special occassions, make some new memories!!!


They should continue lighting it all year long; it was lit in memory of a friend of mine a while back and it is a great way to commemerate a lost loved one.


I like it lit everyday. It gives El Paso more character and illuminates our beautiful desert skyline and mountains. Did long ago, there used to be a cross lit on the mountain as well? I believe controversy brought it down.


I'm from the east coast, and when I was driving back from Phoenix along Rt. 10 one night, the Star let me know without a doubt I'd reached Texas. I think it's a meaningful beacon for wayward travelers like myself, and you should keep it lit.


I currently live in Rhode Island, but grew up in El Paso. All through my childhood, I looked forward to the Christmas season with bated breath and just as I thought Sana Claus was a magical symbol of Christmas, so was the star on the Franklin Mountains. It was our special Estrella Navideña! I say we conserve energy and light it only at Christmas.


It's hard to decide - I grew up in El Paso with the Star being lit only for the Christmas season (and special occasions - I remember the 444 days for the hostages - made you think about them everytime you saw it and it was a great relief when it was finally out).

It did make it very special.

But what about everybody that has gotten used to it being part of the landscape now. Tourists and locals would miss it. It wouldn't be El Paso without it. Just like Mt Franklin in the middle of town and Chico's Tacos - when I first left to Dallas that was what I missed most: Mt Franklin and Chicos...

James T. Karam

I once live near the "Star" and at nights it would light up my bed room. That was years ago...

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