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April 21, 2008


Miller Girl

I use to go to Dudley with my dad and sister when I was a young girl. I enjoyed the photos.

Ray Jackson

WOW!! Those Pictures are GREAT!! Picture number 6 almost made me cry. Joe Manago is my Grandfather. I have never felt so proud in my life to see an old picture of his work like that. Would I be able to see if there are any more pictures like this of Dudley? Please E-Mail me if you can...Thank You for making my day
-Ray Jackson

Mark Andrew Holmes

Is that couple still together?

Trish Long

I did a quick search and didn't find Miguel Silva in Mesquite. Maybe someone who knows this couple will let us know.


Even though it was only for a few summers (before the Diablos moved to Cohen stadium)I have great childhood memories of going to baseball games with my dad and my two brothers.
Thanks for the old photos Trish! I look forward to seeing more in your future posts.

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picture one is awesome


What about the winning girl's best friend, the diamond? Did she get one? I hope it was a james allen diamond ring...

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Vintage Wedding Rings

Getting married in Dudley Dome stadium, how I never thought about it?
Maybe a little crowded, but hey, lots of checks and gifts:)
And about your title - if I'll promise my fiancee a diamond ring, will she agree to marry me in some sport's stadium\arena?

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Bridget Rossi

That sounds sweet, I wonder whom of them thought that up. If diamonds are a girl's best friend then - for this occasion - it would be appropriate to say a baseball stadium is a man's best friend. But the union of two differing ideas... now that's marriage.

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