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Pascal Fortran

Coach Adams has done a darn good job at UTEP. If the university can't pony-up some coin, we should all wish her well and thank her for her services while at UTEP. She doesn't owe El Paso or UTEP a darn thing - especially since she's responsible for elevating the women's b-ball profile.

I want you to stay, but will understand the economics of the matter. Good luck either way coach.


Good coach, good fit at UTEP. Some successful coaches have left UTEP and fallen on their face elsewhere (Stull) and other continued being successful at UTEP (Haskins).

El Paso is a tough place to recruit to, but Adams has done better than most. As her reputation increases, it will get better. You can overcome what is viewed as a bad environment by good coaching. Keep up the good job coach.


Coach Adams deserves a raise. Not only has her team out performed the men the past few years, they are also academically superior. This all falls back on Bob Stull...He has had no part in the success of the Women's BBall team. Coach Adams did it alone along with her players. If she leaves, Bob Stull is at fault. The guy is a lousy AD. The Football Teams schedule is beyond pathetic, Franklin High could take on those teams. We will never generate enough revenue based on his antics to take care of all athletics like they should be taken care of because Bob Stull has no interest other than himself and those who support him with perks...Didn't you see him at Oscar Leesers party? Schmoozing it up like a good ol boy. Go somewhere where you will have more $ and total support Coach Adams, thanks for everything! Fire Stull


Oh SHUT UP with FHS beating college teams. That was a moronic statement. I don't blame Coach Adams if she leaves. She deserves a HEFTY pay raise. She has elevated the women's program beyond anyone's expectations. As for Stull it may be time for a change. He has worn out his welcome.

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