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October 01, 2013


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"...Who/what can turn UTEP football around?..."

Turn around from what? Literally, 5 winning seasons in over 40 years. Suggestions to dig UTEP out of this hole? Here's what's been mentioned:

1. Raise more money --- from where? UT system, fans?
2. Get better players --- why would better players come to El Paso? (See the tally for the last 40 years.)
3. Hire better coaches --- see no. 1.
4. Improve facilities --- see no. 1.
5. Play better competition --- Let's see, coach wants to play winnable games, and also wants to play UNM on a yearly basis. Between UNM, NMSU and UTEP, the three teams have a combined two wins this season, and those are against each other. There's a reason USA Today ranks the three teams in the bottom 110.
6. More fans --- Four decades of futility and starting the season 1-3 is not going to bring more fans.

You want to win more games? Drop down into a level of football in which you can compete. Pretty simple.

UTEP could also drop football altogether and put all its resources into making a top 20 basketball team. Can you imagine???


Yes, yes. Drop football and concentrate resources elsewhere. Or drop levels. Both good suggestions.

Joe - your blog is barely comprehensible and it appears there are two similar and similarly incomprehensible blog-posts by you on the same topic on this site. Apparently you are back to your drunken, babbling posts again. Before you take up criticizing EP for not supporting the Miners, I think you should focus on the quality of your blog.

"El Paso has turn into a Chicago and the fans of the Cubs." ... maybe this makes sense to other NMSU grads but registers with me as barely comprehensible babbling.

Pascal Fortran

Are Joe's posts incomplete? There seems to be a considerable amount missing, particularly from this post.

Anyway. I so much looked forward to engaging Miner fans on the state of Miner football via Joe's blog, which has been far and few between as of late.

As this is an excellent topic, I think Canaima and Longball offer up great suggestions. Strong b-ball schools the likes of Delaware, Villanova, and Georgetown have elected to compete at the D-2 (FCS) level, in exchange for fielding fierce hoop programs.

I actually think El Paso would support UTEP in FCS football, as we would likely field teams that win at least 80%-90% of their games, and there would be a higher percentage of home grown talent recruited to the school. UTEPs lack of desire, as well as inability to secure good local athletes causes fans to give up on the team quicker, as there is no emotional or prideful attachment to student-athletes from California, & rural NM/TX.

A move to FCS also makes sense from a financial standpoint, as an FCS school earns roughly as much as a UTEP coach.

Another way to entice a better quality of coach would be to consolidate the AD and head football coach jobs. That would increase the coaching salary by as much as $100-$200k. I think I once read that Bob Stull earns 6 figures.

Miner Maniac

Well look who's finally emerged out of hiding from their Bin Laden cave! Where have you been Joe? Your "fans" would like to know!

And as far as El Paso supporting UTEP moving down to FCS, count me out! If I want to watch high school football, I can simply walk down the street to my neighborhood high school on Friday nights!

Pascal Fortran

Miner Maniac, the new look CUSA is basically FCS football. At least half of the football teams in the Missouri Valley Conference can defeat 8 to 10 CUSA football teams. Montana, Montana State, and Sam Houston State could take any CUSA program to the woodshed.


I'd watch 40 years of UTEP football winning in FCS instead of another 40 years of losing in the division UTEP plays in now.

We have 800,000 people in El Paso and can't get 25,000 in the stands on a regular basis. That says something. By percentage, even the Aggies do better than we do.

Pascal Fortran

JJ - what's even sadder is, it's almost 1 million people if you count the county and illegals. The Sun Bowl should be overflowing during every UTEP football game at only a 55,000 seat capacity.


Here's the solution to solve the attendance woes. OFFER FREE BEER!!! You'll get all of the borrachos from El Chuco and J-Town to fill the Sun Bowl. After the game they can mow down people crossing Mesa street with their cars.

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