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October 01, 2013


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Mike Price with his horrible reputation set us back several years. Without good recruits there will never be a good team. Find coaches with proven recruiting ability. Frank Kush at Arizona State is a legend due to his recruiting.


Move the team to east Texas or California or Florida. Get the leftovers from the big teams in the area. Join a lower division conference.

Problem solved.

Pascal Fortran

StephenW - what? You can't move the team, it's a university squad - you know, UT at El Paso.

georgeofthe desert

You touch on it Joe. It is money. Money to buy better coaching, which generates winning, which generates recruits, etc., etc.

The issue of expsoure is also related. UTEP is stuck is in a BAD, BAD CONFERENCE which has a BAD, BAD TV CONTRACT with a BAD, BAD NETWORK which means essentially they are falling even farther behind those schools they compete with financially. Add to that the addition of UTSA and UNT to the conference we are again competing against schools with rabid fan bases both of which pump major dollars into the system.

The money in El Paso goes elsewhere, mostly to UT Austin, Texas A & M, Baylor, Texas Tech, but other schools as well. Too bad, until the city supports the university with bothmoney and calls for Stull's removal, nothing will change.


UTEP has a good offense that I think can compete at a high level against any team in Conference USA. But, our defense is something left to be desired. I know players from El Paso that could have been recruited by UTEP in the last 3 years that left and went to other schools because Mr. Price decided they were not good enough. Instead he went to California, Florida, everywhere but El Paso to look for talent and that is why we are in the situation we are in. It turns out that those players are doing great elsewhere. I know plenty of those playerswould love to come and play in front of a home crowd if only given a chance.

Tio Tomas

Nastylicio retires. Stull is fired. Boom, winning season.

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