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April 09, 2013


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Andres Garcia

He said Sullivan is the starting QB 'right now'. That means anything can and probably will happen between now and September. Relax Joe.

Alaska Tim

You know absolutely nothing about football.
This is the last time I will waste my time reading anything that you write.

a Fan

I'd be for having the best quarterback as the starter, regardless of what team he transferred from.

Pascal Fortran

I liked the way Kuglar went about naming Sullivan the "interim" QB. Gives him something to work hard to maintain over the summer months, and puts Showers on notice that he's not walking into the position without competing. What do we know - Showers may have a flawed QB technique that Kuglar caught on tape.

Kuglar may also be aware that while Showers announced intentions to attend UTEP, he may have gotten a better offer elsewhere. His unique situation of having one year of eligibility while attending graduate school, permits him to exploit that NCAA rule without restriction. It's a bad rule.

Bob: Are you Alaska Tim?


The kid that transferred to SMU from UT, Garret I believe, demonstrates a BCS QB doesn't always translate to wins. In fact, he kinda stunk it up @ SMU last year.

Even Brett Favre struggled in New York without an O-line. Same situation for Garret, and whomever is named QB @ UTEP this fall.

Personally, I'd like to see UTEP go after Case McCoy after he does his jail time. UT won't have him back.


No I only Bob. I don't post under any other name. The only thing I would say about Joe's comments on the coach is - let him coach the team. The comments about Kugler are baseless and silly. He is naming his quarterback because the guy has had a better spring than the others. Obvious.


Pascal, Showers has 2 years of eligibility, not 1. He will be the overwhelming starter come Fall camp. Since you don't live here anymore, I didn't expect you to know. Anyways, this gives Kugler 2 years to find a good high school recruit to take over the QB position once Showers leaves. None of the current QB's on the roster (aside from Showers) is good enough to start as was proven last year.


Ed - Case McCoy is not going to jail. He is in school at UT with the blessing of Mac Brown. Character has never been an issue with big time college football. No matter what the truth of the incident is Mr. McCoy was in a trashy place. His twitter where he pretends to have Christian ideals is a lie. If he were here I would not go support him.


Joe - maybe he named a QB to generate interest for the spring game. But does it really matter given the caveat "for now"?

Adam - Simpson redshirted last year so how can you base your assertion on how they played last season? It doesn't matter anyway because you're just wrong - Sullivan looked good (for a freshman). UTEP has the other QB recruits that I understand will redshirt this year (Leftwich and Metz). Part of being a good coach and having a good program is the ability to develop young players. If you expect them to walk in as freshman and look like seniors that just isn't realistic (at least for most nonBCS schools). There is no way you can know enough at this point to say that none of those kids will make a good starter 2-3 years from now. Your statement makes me think that you know as much about football as Joe (not much).

Pascal Fortran

Brief change of the subject.

Bob (a.k.a. Alaska Tim): Since you appear to be the in-house historian, as well as have a pulse on all things El Paso - I have a question.

I'm on a business trip at UAH in Huntsville, AL. Last night, for giggles and grins, I attended a Huntsville Stars, the Brewers Double A affiliate ball game. BTW, Double A baseball blows - it's like watching paint dry.

There seemed to be 100 people in the attendance, if even that; I was able to walk up and purchase a box seat behind home for $20+, and did I mention is was opening night.

I moved away from El Paso 22 years ago; however, I recall ample crowd support for the Diablos (back in the day), when they were at the old Dudley Dome, as well as Cohen.

My question. I realize El Paso has moved onto a new stadium and recently landed the Triple A Tuscon team, but why did El Paso lose their AA team? Was it a lack of fan support? Was it the stadium? Etc. Huntsville's stadium (Joe D Stadium) is a dump - the old Dudley Dome had similar, if not identical amenities.

Just asking - apologize for going off topic, but any way it's debated, next season at UTEP will be another re-building year. Though, I'm positive about the 2014-15 season.


Jim Paul sold the team and it became Diamdbacks franchise. Things went well in the beginning but the old Paul promotional magic was missing and attendence fell and the Diamondbacks didn't seem too interested in El Paso. Arizona's AAA team also failed in Tucson a few years ago. That is where the team that we are getting moved to a couple of years ago. They went there from Portland who opted for pro soccer.
The Diablos franchise was sold to a group affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals and moved to Springfield, Mo. Because of the proximity to St. Louis (180 miles) that team will do well. We are associated with the lowly Padres who are a long way away and it scares me that we have put so much in minor league baseball. Especially with a perennial losing parent team.
Our team was in Albuquerque for many years as the Dodgers franchise. That franchise was sold to San Diego and this will be their third stop in a few years. The new stadium here is part of the deal to get this team.

Pascal Fortran

Bob: Agree, baseball is a dying sport. Though, with the increase of head injuries in football, moms/dads may sway their kids back in that direction.

Professional soccer is really on the rise. The owner of the Red Sox owns a team in the English Premier League (Manchester U I believe), as well as the Portland team (I think). He also, as most know, is part owner of Rausch/Fenway Racing in NASCAR.

El Paso should've competed for a pro soccer team. They could've used the Sun Bowl and not wasted money on a worthless single use baseball stadium.

AAA baseball is something I think El Paso will regret - I attend about 20 Memphis Redbirds games per year - it's always empty. Just yesterday, I received a call offering me freebies to entice me to go. I hope it works out for the new ownership, as well as El Paso.

Thanks Bob!


Pascal - funny you should mention Memphis compared to most franchises they are considered successful. I am not sure of the capacity of our new ball park but it about the same as Cohen. I have only seen Memphis ballpark from the outside. It looks nice.
I do believe soccer could be a big deal here if it were promoted and we had a high level team.

Pascal Fortran

I'm watching the Tx A&M spring game on ESPN. Suggest UTEP develop a running game outside the tackles - they're too big to run inside. Linebackers are also agile and big.

Also suggest UTEPs defensive secondary work on speed and size this summer. Their receivers are big and fast, run tons of routes underneath coverage, then are able to extend YAC w/thier athleticism.

Going to be a tough game. Go Miner's!


For the Miner football team it's even a struggle to get on the field, much less being competitive against the opposition!
Year in and year out, UTEP is on, "rebuilding mode"!
It's always, wait til next year and next year never seems to get here!
Bah, humbug!!! UTEP calcetines!


Joe, to UTEP it makes no difference when or who is named the starting QB! UTEP is never able to recruit any QB that is D-1 caliber!
UTEP needs to acquire a smart QB, one that is not only brawn, but one that actually possesses thinking ability! That type of player has always been missing here!

Pascal Fortran

Where are you Joe Muench?! I'm geared up to talk smack to your doubters, or to you when I disagree with your viewpoint.

Two days 'til the 2013 college football season. Hook'em, Horns!

And, may God bless the Miner's with a .500 (or better) season. Good luck Coach Kuglar!


April? Really? That's the last time Muench wrote something about UTEP football?
I saw UTEP vs New Mexico, and wow! Throw back is right, UTEP went back to the good ole days, the good ole no defense days, that is!
That UTEP defensive, (and I use the term defensive loosely), display was nauseating to witness! The past defensive woes reared it's ugly head once more for hapless UTEP!
UNM opened up huge holes for Carrier last night, holes that a semi-truck could drive through! Holes so wide, that this aging old cudger could run through, no walk, right through! Poor tackling and players out of position, yet again! How disappointing to say the least!
The lone bright spot for UTEP was the offense and it's stable of running backs!
Well, I guess no matter what kind of positive spin new head coach Kugler puts on this new team, it's going to be a very long year!

Miner Maniac

So what happened to Joe? Did he finally have "the big one" like Fred Sanford? I actually miss his UTEP rants! It's been so boring without him.

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