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April 02, 2013


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Jim Maynard

Great "non-story", Joe. Keep up the good work.

Miner Maniac

It's really no surprise that NMSU Basketball Coach Marvin Menzies is not going to Texas Tech. Tubby Smith, the former Minnesota/Kentucky coach, got the big job. But what about future jobs for Menzies?

I can't see Menzies wanting to remain at NMSU if the Aggies remain stuck in deflating WAC; there doesn't seem to be any push to get into the more regional Mountain West. And we're not sure NMSU is even wanted by MWC members.

And NMSU remains in the sad situation of having too little TV exposure in an era of TV exposure for just about all the major schools. Menzies has said he'd make that an off-season priority. AD Dr. McKinley Boston does not seem to be moving on that.


Goodness this blog is silly.
Anybody have an miner news?

Pascal Fortran

Tulsa to the new Big East. Just read it in USA Today.

Does not look good for C-USA going forward. NMSU is now a sensible replacement for Tulsa, and a monetarily sensible travel partner for UTEP. Makes sense to send two teams this way to play UTEP and NMSU over a two week period in football, and over the course of three days in hoops.

With distance learning a huge part of the college experience, student-athletes could work on school work at UTEP or NMSU during down-time.

Regarding Joe's write-up, he's exactly correct. He has a good grasp on UTEP athletics. Stull is the least proactive AD in the nation, and is only hurting this university. Nationally, El Paso is viewed as a second class city, and UTEP is no different. There's a lack of visionaries over that way; I hope O'Rourke makes an impact in D.C., and UTEP gets competent leadership after Natalicio retires. Now much longer 'til that happens.

J. Crown

I hate this blog

Central Texas Miner

Is the title seriously "Floyd's UTEP future; can he be happy here?"

Hey Joe, have you always been a UTEP Hater? You're blog is always so negative. Even when you say something positive you sprinkle a little negativity. Your Blog should be called "Hater Joe, Hating On Utopia"...


Pascal, NMSU will NEVER be in the same conference as UTEP. Both UTEP & UNM will always block NMSU from joining either of their conferences. NMSU was thrown a bone from the Sun Belt only because they wanted to get to 12 for a championship game. Think about that: the Aggies greatest asset, which is basketball, was not enough to garner a full invite to the Sun Belt. Instead, App. St, Georgia Southern, and James Madison (most likely) will get full membership as the conference prefers eastern based schools.

As for Tulsa, it had widely expected for over 2 months that they were going to join the other C-USA defectors in the soon-to-be-renamed Big East. Why do you think Western Kentucky accepted the C-USA invited on Monday? Just because? Nope. It was for the inevitable move of Tulsa. The timetable was only accelerated because the Marshall A.D. blabbed about WKU being invited over the weekend to the local press there.

As for Joe's blog itself, I only agree with the TV situation. That has to be a priority for Stull to get away games on TV, in both football and basketball games not picked up for national coverage.

Regarding conference affiliation, sensible fans who aware of conference realignment news and such know Stull & Co. have 14 months or so to make a move for the 2014 or 2015 football seasons. Who knows, but if you really look at it, C-USA really looks winnable in both football and basketball. I know Kugler has to build a team but the competition isn't as stiff as it once was. Floyd has a Top 25 recruiting class coming in so I don't worry about the basketball side.

Above all, it is about having consistency in the two most important sports there are. Hopefully, this year is the beginning of something truly special. We will see...


C'mon! You can't defend Joe. He hated Haskins. We do need tv and I don't think that the AD has a reason to avoid it. There was talk about it last year. Without Houston, SMU, Memphis, Central Fla et al we have no big markets. Should make bargaining easier.
I don't know what conference will be looted next. We just need to wait and see. Wichita State did well in dropping football. The MVC is a great bball conference but not much in football.

Pascal Fortran

Adam: NMSU burned bridges when they jetted from the Sun Belt for the WAC. I agree with you assessment of a more favorable footprint with the additions of the eastern schools you noted (in the Sun Belt), but the ultimate reason NMSU is homeless, is because they pulled out of the Sun Belt a few years back. And, their AD is as much a flake as Stull.

I actually think UTEP and NMSU should make a move to the Missouri Valley Conference. The MVC is as competitive as C-USA in football, and a helluva lot better b-ball conference. UTEP and NMSU would align well w/the MVC - so what if it's FCS football, their playoff system is better.


Why does Joe waste space speculating on Floyd's emotional state or on his desire to stay at UTEP longer term? Floyd will leave eventually but at least for now he's staying. As a result, we should be able to expect his A-1 recruiting class to materialize. But Joe is the 'glass is completely empty' guy - its his tired, old schtick that he clings to because he has nothing else.

For the near term, UTEP bball looks to have a bright future. I plan to enjoy it and despite living far from EP, I will make it to as many games as I can. When Floyd does leave, I suspect UTEP bball will be in a better state than it was when he arrived.

Too bad I can't say the same for Joe's impact on the EP Time Sports Section.


UTEP just needs to WIN in football and basketball. Good things will come with winning, like maybe a new conference and better TV exposure and more money. Fans just keep supporting because better things are coming.

Prop Joe

Another terrible blog post. Do you actually get paid to write crap like this? pretty amazing how out of touch you are. It would be nice if the El Paso Times fired you and hired someone who actually enjoys watching UTEP Basketball. And also, why don't you have a Twitter account? Every respectable sports blogger/columnist in America has one. Do you even know what Twitter is?
Every time I read one of these posts, I imagine you writing them by candlelight, with homemade ink on hemp paper your squire made, and then is sent by raven across town to your editor. That's how out of touch with Sports these blog posts make you sound, Joe.

There are PLENTY of folks on Twitter who send out great UTEP related-news/blog posts(like @JPuga1966), who are insightful,knowledgeable, and actually enjoy watching UTEP sports.

As for your couple of sentences, errr, blog post, UTEP had 10 regular season games that were televised this past season. For a mid-major school, i'd say thats pretty good. There are also plenty of websites that stream almost every UTEP game, both home and away, so every Miner fan in the country can watch them(if you had a twitter, you'd know this). yes, it would be great if every game were on ESPN, but this team isn't Duke, and this is not the ACC.
I agree, the new CUSA looks like a wasteland, and i hope UTEP can get out as soon as possible( im sure Floyd feels the same?? I hope). But to say there isnt a push to get into the mountain west is unfair. im sure -atleast id like to think so- Bob Stull is doing all he can to bolt this conference.
I also really doubt Tim Floyd went, in the middle of the season no less, to USC and spoke on behalf for Larry Eustachy. why would you think that? Do you have any sources on that? really a stretch. plus, he already clarified why he went so...

While im here, yall should follow me on Twitter. i swear i wont clog your TL with nonsense. @cpena21

Pascal Fortran

Prop Joe, your call sign should be Crap Joe. I hope you take time to write intelligible sentences in other blogs; otherwise, you've likely turned your readers off 4 sentences into your posts. I also suggest you capitalize the first letters in your sentences.

This program, while not in a catastrophic dilemma, should be in a state of alarm mindset. The leadership at the athletics department is inept. What the heck have they done lately?

None, none of the athletics are televised often enough. Your suggestion that 10 games is pretty good, is a bad argument. It's actually terrible, and people like you that see the glass as half full, in your complacency, are part of the issue as well. I reside in the Southeast USA and watched 20 NMSU games on various free DirecTV channels; I watched 18 UNM games, and they were ranked nationally. That's an issue for UTEP.

UTEP had a respectable national athletic profile just 20 years ago. We were actually considered a step up from Boise State, UAB, E. Carolina, & Tulsa, etc. In comparison to where they are now, what the hell has happened to UTEP athletics, other than becoming someones punchline or doormat. It's sad that schools like UCF, UAB, La. Tech, FIU, & USF just 15 years ago were start-up and/or D-2 programs, but have already surpassed UTEP. That's a leadership issue, and most of that occurred on Stull's watch.

All Joe is trying to convey is, this program has regressed on Stull's watch. He hasn't done anything to improve facilities that a campus plan wouldn't have addressed. People argue that he secured Durham's donation, but it's likely Durham's financial advisor wisely advised him to unload money to a non-profit, or he'd face considerable tax ramifications. That money was going somewhere, might as well be his alma mater. That's the only reason I donate to my alma mater; there's considerable tax benefits.

Regarding Floyd, I think he's an overrated basketball coach that will never work as a head coach after UTEP, unless the guy he's working for is sick or gets fired - and only as an interim coach in that case. He's a throw back to Don Haskins and Bobby Knight, and they are dinosaurs. College basketball has evolved, is a totally different game today, and requires a guy like Toney Barbee, the new USC coach, etc.

Miner Maniac

UTEP athletics has regressed under Bob Stull's watch? Anyone that was around when John Thompson was athletic director can tell you otherwise. Stull blows away Thompson hands down!

Pascal Fortran

About the only thing correct about your brief post was that Stull blows.

I don't care what you old-times say, I see how athletic departments are supposed to be run at U. of Alabama, Auburn U., UAB, Troy State, and Jacksonville State in Anniston, AL. Stull is not doing his job. His performance is pathetic next to any of the aforementioned. Even the Jack State AD, with lessor resources, accomplishes more than Stull at UTEP.

Heck, 90 miles up the road from my house, Middle Tennessee State facilities were on-par with Bowie High Schools a few years ago - they now have facilities and programs on-par with Memphis and Tennessee.

Open your darn eyes ELP - Stull is stealing money for the poor job he does.


Pascal, why would UTEP drop down to the MVC? Do you realize the magnitude of such a move? It would essentially destroy any interest in college football in this region. It's easy for you to say because you don't live here anymore. People around here want to say Division I FBS schools play against us, not I-AA (FCS). This move is a much more logical fit for NMSU since they would have a nice landing spot for all of their sports, especially in basketball where the MVC is respectable.

Prop Joe, totally agree that Twitter is the place to go to find links where Miner fans can watch all games. I know there are subscription sites to see the games but let's be honest, no one really wants to pay x amount to see them. This is why TV deal has to be priority over the summer.

One last thing Pascal, some of the schools you list that surpassed UTEP are accurate while others are just funny. The only ones to surpass UTEP are those who have moved up to a major conference or have done really well overall as an athletic program. Most of those only achieve in one area before going back to mediocrity. It is about consistency and hopefully it can be turned around this year.

Pascal Fortran

Adam: All of the schools I listed have surpassed UTEP. I work in the university system, spend time at all SEC schools, and most Sun Belt schools. UTEP is behind the power curve.

The gap wasn't so bad around the 2000 timeframe, but SEC and Sun Belt improvement plans have left UTEP far behind. I estimate UTEP would have to spend $50M-$75M to match comparable schools like UAB, Troy, and Middle Tennessee State. A fair comparison between UTEP and the poorest SEC school (Miss. State) isn't even close.

I never realized how isolated and bad off El Paso and UTEP were until I attend school at Vanderbilt, & accepted a position in the SE USA. I'm Hispanic, but these people make El Paso residents look like rednecks. With the exception of Mississippi, the SE USA economy is booming - especially in Alabama (defense, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, NASA, & hi-tech firms).

This part of the country is a true testament that Republican representation yields a thriving economy and good public schools. National rankings that have southern schools lagging are skewed.


Pascal - there you go again. Spouting factless numbers. 50 to 75 million on what? What university do work with? In what capacity. There is no redder state in the union than Texas.
Keep talking Pascie boy. You are making yourself out to be factless. We at UTEP are funded by the eternally republican monopoly in Austin. Red governor (oops!), red legislature, red everything. We are here and you aren't. Go away.


Oh! I almost forgot time frame is two words.
Bob Stull is not a thief. You know so little I hope you go away soon. I have a long history in manufacturing which includes plants in Tennessee. Some pretty primitive workers there. Some poor management too. I am not picking on people that is your job. I just can't stand your anti Stull, El Paso and UTEP diatribe. Just shut up.


Quit trying to tell me about the segregationist KKKers in TN. Been there, seen it, hate it.

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