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March 05, 2013


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The Game

Not sure why Pat Haden needed the UTEP ADs permission to talk to Coach Floyd unless it was about a job.

As for the game tonight, Memphis gets everyone's best shot, which is what UTEP game them. UTEP is a pretty good defensive team. The Miners just don't have the offense to pull it out late in the game as evidenced by the game at NMSU and tonight's Memphis game. Maybe that will change next season.

Pascal Fortran

Tough loss.

The Game: I too wonder why Hayden contacted Stull if an offer wasn't forthcoming. However, Hayden's a classy old school guy - it was likely professional courtesy.

I watched the post-game presser - Floyd deflected questions well, he's seasoned. Doesn't Tim Floyd sound and look like Super Dave Osbourne? I digress.

Floyd doesn't owe ELP or UTEP anything! While he's a great coach, this job was never a good fit for Floyd; UTEP reportedly has some good players coming in, so change may be good for USC & UTEP.

Barbee will be available again in less than one month. He's doing terrible at Auburn.


Pascal you crack me up. Barbee? Pleeeeaaasssee!

He hated El Paso, but I guess that's why you want him, lol.

Good pliers coming to UTEP? Yeah, so let's make a change that loses them before they play a game. Great logic.


Good players*

Pascal Fortran

Yeah, the Barbee comment was a tease at humor. My wife is an Auburn graduate so we attend many Auburn home games (football & hoops). Their hoops team sucks! Barbee has stunk it up at Auburn!!

I don't think Floyd will be back next year, but UTEP won't have any problem signing a good coach. Although the UTEP b-ball job pays average (relatively speaking), it's a great destination job - whether the coaches tenure is brief or extensive.

I just wish Stull would find a way to get them the heck out of C-USA. USA Today ranked conferences going into the NCAA tourney (yesterday), and C-USA didn't even get a mention. This is a terrible year for college hoops - even the SEC got a mention in the article, and the SEC stinks (w/the exception of Florida & Kentucky).

The MWC, on the other hand, was ranked 3rd or 4th. I don't know what it will take to get UTEP back in the good graces of the MWC, but Stull needs to do it. If not him, we need a new AD with some clout on the national level.


I think we are only guessing about Coach Floyd. If he is offered the rumored five yeat twelve and a half million contract that would be hard to turn down. If an offer is not huge he is better off here than a school like USC where AD's are under so much pressure that they will throw a coach under the bus. He is also in control of his program here with little pressure to recruit big local names.
In order to talk to a coach a school need permission from that coaches AD. Who knows what was really said? It is against NCAA rules for him to contact him. The fact is USC needs a coach. 'Nuff said.
I can't believe that I am agreeing with Joe but I am. The teams performance was spirited last night. The players were focussed. Not what you expect to see if the team thought their coach was warming up a bus to LA.
The AD can't get us out CUSA. Conferences that would be interested in us will respond to football. Our BBall has a good history. Also a downtown arena instead of a baseball park would help us bid on conference tournements.

Pascal Fortran

Bob: You're extremely naive if you believe a reputable AD can't posture a school to receive an invite to a good college conference. I can't believe you stated such.

The reason UTEP doesn't receive invites to a better conference are; 1> the purported small TV demographic in El Paso (explain to me how 1 million legal, and +-500 thousand illegal residents doesn't equate to respectable TV demographics); 2> the lack of clout Stull has on the national scene; 3> the program has gone nowhere in 40 years - always a doormat in football.

I assure you that an assistant AD from UT or A&M would have UTEP in the Big East or MWC within 3 years.

I also think you should be forced to wear a helmet while out and about if you seriously DON'T think Floyd was indirectly offered the USC job. Parties travel to neutral cities in hopes of keeping a meeting low-profile; not for the sake of clearing the air about past transgressions - namely Floyd's alleged past history at USC.

Please ask your mother or father for permission before you post again.

The Game


Permission might have been a formality, or it might have been a "just in case I want to hire the guy" thing with Haden.

I don't see the UTEP job as being a destination job at all, unless the coach is good with himself and situation, like the great Don. Floyd will never be him I'm afraid.

I don't know that UTEP wants to be in a conference where instead of 3rd place as it is in CUSA, it'd be in 7th in the MWC. The Miners have a great shot at being at the top of the conference with Memphis leaving. Why not stick and enjoy the fruits?

The other problem, of course, is the MWC doesn't want UTEP. I remember watching the UTEP president talking about NMSU getting into CUSA and how they didn't move the needle when it came to TV viewership, so no luck for them getting in. She could have easily included UTEP in that assessment. There just isn't any interest. The football team is abysmal and the basketball team, well, it's not bad but it's not that good either. The lack of interest is evidenced by who the MWC has chosen. Utah State? Really? Tells you where UTEP falls in the order of things.

I feel for you with Barbee at Auburn.


Pascal: Regarding UTEP moving out of CUSA. It ain't gonna happen, and as much as I like to blane Stull for being incompetent, that is only part of the problem. Basketball doesn't drive the wagon anywhere except in the East. Football wins bring in TV and money. Stull has historically relied on ol' buds to coach the football team, and few have been capable, including Price who was only interested in getting a paycheck and making sure his incompetent son got one too. Until UTEP can build a consistently winning program in football, we are not going to leave CUSA which with the demise of the WAC now the weakest conference in the country. Perhpas Kugler can be the coach to build a winning program, but if he does, expect him to be drawn away by bigger bucks by antoher school. Then the next coach must be able to build on what Kugler leaves in place. Can it be done? Sure, look at what has been done at Boise State which was a junior college only about 50 years ago. But the town must also support the program and it doesn't. Too many problems over all to every grow the program. Best move would be to move down to the FCS and hope for the best.

Pascal Fortran

Georgeofthedesert: Moving the football program to FCS is not a bad idea. That's the caliber of athlete UTEP recruits. There are some good FCS schools - Sam Houston St., Montana & Montana State, etc. The ideal football conference in that case would be the Missouri Valley. It's the most competitive.

If that were to ever occur, UTEP could stay in C-USA in Olympic sports, or move their Olympic sports to the WAC. The WAC would be a better fit in that scenario.

It's never going to happen, but I'd like to see UTEP, NMSU, UTSA, NTx, Idaho, Tulsa, Idaho St., N. Arizona, Rice, & La. Tech, work out something with the WAC to bring back football. Accordingly, they'd move all Olympic sports to the WAC as well.

C-USA is basically the old Sun Belt conference now.

Pascal Fortran

One other note to my last post - Fox Sports will go-live in the next 6 months with a sports only channel, in an effort to compete with ESPN. They need inventory to support NFL, NASCAR, MLB, & UFC. The Catholic 7 (New Big East b-ball) just entered into an agreement with Fox; I bet a bold move such as the one I suggested above would be well received by Fox as well.


Pascal - Naive? I said football would get us interest from other conferences. Read son and wear your helmet. Bob Stull was assistant AD in PAC 10. The football program is better than it was before he came here.
Don't insult the people in El Paso unless you stay in Auburn. You could get stompled.
I said that Hayden had to get UTEP OK to speak with Tim. Learn to read fool.
My mother passed away three years ago. Eat me you #$%@.


We need to look at UTEP football records before Bob Stull. He did well as a coach. Charlie Bailey did well and Mike Price did well in comparison to the ten years prior.

Pascal Fortran

Bob: My condolences to you for your loss. I lost my mother several years ago, and I was crushed.

I still recommend you wear a helmet when out and about. From the limited content you've posted, it's evident you're a danger to yourself.

Be well.

Pascal Fortran

Bob: Get your house checked for lead paint as well - especially if your house was built before 1975. That would explain alot.


The Sun Belt Conference is still the weakest FBS conference in the country, not C-USA. Of the 5 non-big conferences, C-USA is in the middle of the pack just behind the "Big East" (before the Catholic basketball schools take the name) and the MWC. The MAC and Sun Belt are still regarded as lower than C-USA despite the MAC's ridiculous BCS entry this past season. As for moving down to the FCS, that is a horrible idea. That move is infinitely more suited for NMSU than UTEP.

As for moving to a different conference, can people stop trying to revive any old resemblance of the WAC? Have you seen how awful it will look going into the 2013-2014 season? The suggestion that Fox Sports 1 would be interested in the reincarnated WAC is a joke. Fox has already mentioned that C-USA (along with the Big 12 and PAC-12) will be apart of the network throughout the college football and basketball seasons. So there goes your plan, Pascal.

The best options for a new conference home continues to be either the MWC or "Big East" (whatever it will be called). Anyone suggesting that they move down at any level is not thinking right. Most schools around the country are trying to move up, not down. Some FCS powers like Montana and Sam Houston St. enjoy their status quo because moving up is a risky proposition for them. Others, like ODU & Charlotte (the newest C-USA schools) want to make that leap because they made the heavy investment that it will pay off, especially in the football side.

Like I have told others who want UTEP to leave C-USA, Stull & Co. have until the end of June to get an invitation somewhere else in order for the move to go into effect for the 2014 season. If no invite, then earliest possible move is until 2015, if there is even an invite to begin with. Just depends what happens with the major conferences this Summer if they make moves. Who knows...


Pascal's an idiot. His comments don't deserve a response.

As far as Adams comments, I disagree/agree with a few. Namely:

- The MAC is a far better football conference than CUSA, MWC, & Sunbelt. Look at what they did last year (comprehensively), and how many successful QBs they put in the NFL. They & the Big 10 were the NFLs go to conferences for QBs over the past 10 years; though the SEC has made an impact of late (w/QBs). The SEC has always put stars in the NFL at the skilled and defensive positions.

- Moving down to FCS, or a lateral move to any conference other than the MWC or a BCS conference would be stupid. I only say the MWC because they have a great basketball league; and they're a better geographical fit for UTEP. MWC football stinks, so as far as I'm concerned it's a push on the football front. Especially since BYU, Utah, & TCU bolted.

- The WAC is dying. It reminds me of the Big West after UNLV, NMSU, Fresno St., etc., bolted for greener pastures. I don't see that conference ever being revived in football - so yes Adam, that's a terrible idea. Doubt other sports will hang around the WAC after 2016, so it will likely be dissolved.

- The best UTEP will/can do is CUSA, and that's OK because it yields TV revenue f/UTEP. CUSA is a stable place to be, even if they get poached over the next two years. Conference poaching should be over by the summer of 2014, and CUSA will still be 8 to 12 strong after that occurs.


hey joe, i really don't think that memphis is any good. They are overrated and probably would be better if they had a different coach. Don't get me wrong they are the best in cusa by far, but that does not say much. Memphis will lose during the first week of the ncaa's. They will falter under the officating and competition that the ncaa tourney brings.

Longhorn Alumnus

Fellow Longhorn, I feel very similarly to you. Conference realignment is completely driven by football revenue, and sometimes that's hard to relate to in the middle of basketball season. UTEP will either be in C-USA or MWC in the foreseeable future. If I had my druthers, UTEP would be in the MWC. (Although, this might be a possibility as an ESPN report today said that the new America 12 Conference is targeting Tulsa; if Tulsa were to bolt there, UTEP would be one of the last viable options for any further MWC expansion. Wishful thinking...?)

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