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March 02, 2013


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mike g

Coach Floyd had to bring in 11 players to a team that he had just become the head coach to, in a city that is not appealing to the younger crowd and that honestly has no reputation nationally. You can't expect top talent to be thrilled at that idea. Floyd has done an amazing job with this team. 2011 he recruited an amazing foundation for the team in J Washburn, Lang, and cooper, 2012 he brings in 2 rivals top 150 players (c Washburn & Howard) and a highly regarded juco transfer i (Mackenzie) and a 7 footer (willms). This team is still extremely young and was never advertised on being offensively dominating. This 2013 class is where the offensive fire power comes in with hamilton, spight and Hunter. Don't be ignorant. Floyd has done an amazing job and knows this is a marathon and not a sprint given the circumstances he was dealt


Hey Joe, stop calling Coach Haskins "His Coachency." If you can't respect the man's legacy in El Paso, SHUT UP. You really have nothing to do with UTEP "lore" and its history, then nor now.. Lay off Coach Floyd. Lay off dissing the players. If you can't write about UTEP sports with out dissing it, go get another gig writing about El Paso County's STD rates compared to southern New Mexico's. Check out all those plastic shopping bags stuck in bushes on the road to Carlsbad. Count them. Comlpile lists of stores' names on them. All kinds of good stuff for you to do.

Steve Fischer

JOe has every right to be critical of a team that won't make the NCAA Tourney. He is simply stating his opinion of why we may not be winning.
UTEp should recruit the best players available. There are really no good college basketball teams in the State Of Texas this year. This should be fertile ground.

Pascal Fortran

Spot-on blog today from Joe. Very fair.

I think J. Washburn can be a dominant scorer. The coaching staff needs to find a way to light a fire under that kids arse.


Florida won with 64 points. Memphis won with 76. Marquette 72 Notre Dame 64. St. Louis 66. OK State 78. Lobos 53!! K State 64. Indiana 73. Georgetown 64. AZ 69.
Only three top 25 teams broke 80 points Saturday.
J Wash is an athelete who will score. C Wash is only a freshman and need playing time to get better. McKenzie can do anything and is getting the team concept.
Greg Foster averaged 10 points.
I remember stupid comments from you on Coach Haskins. The only reason I comment is to show how stupid you are. Watch some games Joe. Learn what is going on.


Joe - isn't this the same blog post you wrote the other day? And the week before that? And Pascal, I don't slam Joe because he criticizes the Miners, rather I slam him because his blog has become schtick. He has nothing new to say, no new angle to comment on, no research to back up his material. Furthermore his quality stinks - he can't write a grammatical sentence, he doesn't spell check or proofread his material. I wish the EP Times would give his space to someone else. There are probably 100 fans who follow the Miners closely that could write a more interesting blog.

The Miners are rising. I like that the emphasis has been on D especially given the team's youth. The scoring will come along as these players mature and as some scoring specialists come in to the program.

Pascal - you compared J. Wash to Juden Smith before. I agree on the basis of athletic ability. J. Wash is out of this world on athletic ability alone. But at this point in his career I think his basketball skills are still a bit raw. He isn't a particularly good shooter but the improvement has been apparent. His turnaround jumper is coming along nicely. If the improvement continues, he will turn into a scorer. I think next year will be his breakout year.

Pascal Fortran

Bob: How do you really feel about Joe? Listen, I think you mangled the message by imparting your personal feelings toward Joe.

Even in this watered down era of college b-ball, the teams you mention play considerably better talent than UTEP. Memphis just lost an out-of-conference game to Xavier, a weak team, and Memphis is CUSA cream of the crop.

UTEP isn't good this year, they're slightly above average at best. See the forest for the trees. They have tremendously athletic kids that don't play well together - that's a coaching issue if he can't remedy the matter.


Pascal, or should I say Ed?

Did you expect the Miners to be dominant this year?

Sure, there have been about two or three games that the Miners lost that, come next year with a more mature team, they will win. Know why? Because of experience acquired with this year.

This was not a Memphis-type recruiting year for Floyd, but it was still good and is being strengthed in all the right places with the 2013 incoming class. So why do you expect Memphis-style results?

As mentioned by another poster above, defense is a lot harder to teach than offense. The defensive discipline of the Miners will already be there next year when:

1) JWash becomes a true "scorer",
2) Three hot recruits, all scorerers and one of them is a McDonalds All-American (first for UTEP I think), will add to the offensive power,
3) Bohannon will flourish after realizing that he is the core of this team and steps up his attitude and responsibility to go with it (Bohannon is becoming a leader after his doghouse days this year... that is priceless and worth the struggles associated with it this year),
4) CWash begins to get comfortable underneath the basket (but he won't truly flourish until he's a Junior, though I want you to prove me wrong CWash!).

Floyd is building a program that will eventually meet your standards, Pascal. A team that wins the games it should and a couple it shouldn't . But to come here expecting them to already be at that place after just a few years of Floyd's time at UTEP isn't really fair, in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, the Miners should have a better record than they do now. But the losses resulted from scoring problems mostly, and that issue is being actively resolved.

Patience is a virtue. Just wait and be rewarded.



Not a good blog Joe.

Pascal Fortran

Desert_Mouse, COBOL C++, or whatever you're calling yourself these days - you remind me of a Richard, so I'll refer to you as Mr. Richard Cranium.

The drivel you elaborated on made no sense. The obvious is J. Washburn is already a stud athlete. Other teams will fear him when he realizes it.

I hope you're right about the McD all-American's.

Bo won't be back next year. If he's been well advised, he'll try to graduate by the end of the summer so he can play at another school next season (he could also graduate by December and play elsewhere by next January). Or, he should use his red-shirt and move-on - he shouldn't come back to UTEP. Not a good fit for a Floyd program.

Floyd's had 3 recruiting classes, has weaned his teams away from Barbee's players (except for a few) and the team has gotten worse. The cupboard was full when Floyd arrived, so there's no excuse - especially in CUSA.

Joe state it well. We've heard the same spiel about waiting 'til next years team going on 2 years now. At some point they have to produce. You can't continue to bloviate in the manner you do - the rhetoric you generate is groundless.

Talk at you later Richard!


I have deep personal distate for the cheap journalism employed by Joe. Many years of the SOS he spews without wisdom, insight or credibility needs calling out. Also Coach Floyd is on track. This crap posted here is the same crap we have heard over and over again for many years by Joe. I don't know him. I know his drivel.


Oh! I almost forgot! Pascal teams are not scoring at almost every level. Does this mean there are no scorers? Does this basketball is "watered down"? It means teams play defense. Coach Haskins liked games in the 50's. He said so over and over again. I guess you and Joe know better. The WAC we played in before the expansion was not that strong. BYU and Utah were sometimes ranked but the conference didn't dominate as CUSA doesn't today. A lot of teams are leaving and we need to support the team in order to open doors. We are lucky to have Coach Floyd. He really only has two years of recruits and he is on track to building a program.


Well Pascal, you know you've lost a discussion when you have to reduce to name calling.

You didn't really address any points I made other than claiming Bo won't be back here next year. If he had kept up his attitude I would have agreed with you, but it actually looks like he's done some soul searching and came out on the right side. I think you're dead wrong and I believe he'll be a leader the rest of this year and next. Bo fits into Floyd's system just right if he keeps his ego in check. And when he does he gets nights like against Houston, which is what he wants as well. If you're right, I'll be the first to congratulate your prediction coming true.

You are probably one of type of folks advising Caracter to go to the NBA early... plain old bad advice.

As for JWash, I never said he wasn't an athlete now. He is, but he's struggling to shoot consistently and that is what I was saying would change next year.

Oh, and the name COBOL C++... well I thought your name was derived from two old programming languages, so my failed attempt at humor.

a Fan

I'll take a win against a bad team over a loss to a bad team anytime. Low scoring or high scoring, doesn't matter. The Miners play who are on their schedule to play. Yes, CUSA isn't a top ten conference; it's not much to look at, outside of Memphis. What does that matter?

As far as what Joe writes, he is paid to get people to read and respond. Notice that people do spend a lot of time here. The rest of the Times' blogs, not so much. As a matter of fact, you could probably combine all the other blogs and this one gets the most responses. So as much as we might find what he writes distasteful and wrong, he stimulates discussion and response. If he spewed the party line like some of the others, no one would care a wit about reading or giving an opinion.

The Miners have post season to look forward to. CUSA tourney and maybe beyond if they play well. I look forward to that.

Ballin and Bettin

UNM just won the regular season conference title in the very tough MWC. Being projected as a possible 2 seed in the NCAA tourney.

At least one area team is rocking right along.

Three seconds

Joe, remember to get drunk after work. Not before.

Misha Perro

Will the basketball team survive: Former USC basketball Coach Tim Floyd had a meeting with USC Athletic Director Pat Haden to discuss the basketball job opening. (Ryan Moore / Associated Press / February 20, 2013)


The team will survive but who will they be if Floyd bolts? What players stay and what recuruits come? If he leaves then he has caused us way more problems than he has solved. Three years is not enough time to build a program. We have a good beginning with the players and recruits in place but if the coach leaves that will change.
I am not going to prejudge him but he gave us a lot of talk about "home" and bringing the "place" back to where it was. He hasn't done that yet. I feel that he owes us.


Didn't people say Floyd would be here forever?


Hey, it's USC that came a-knockin. You expect the coach to not take the call? Let's see...LA versus El Paso. $300K vs $1M+. Recruits out the yingyang, versus begging for 3-stars to show up.

Grow up people. UTEP is not the be all or end all of any sport. It's not a destination, it's a paver stone on the road to somewhere.

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