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March 06, 2013


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If he leaves, it will set the Miner program back years. Most of the new recruiting class will go with him. Maybe some of the current players will transfer depending on who is hired. It is a bad scenario for UTEP if he leaves now. If he is financially set, maybe UTEP is the place to be - the chance to build (or rebuild) something and leave a lasting legacy - much as Don Haskins did.

Another season

I'd say the coach has broken trust with the fans who have been "Gallespied" already. As I recall, one week in January coach G was all about building the program here in El Pao. A week later, he was gone.

And if the conversation with the USC AD had been just a conversation, why didn't the UTEP AD say so a few weeks ago? I tell you what, if I were a UTEP recruit, I'd be looking elsewhere because there is a bit of slippery sliminess in all this.

Coach should get the heck out of Dodge, or El Paso, while the gettin is good.

Pascal Fortran

See ya Timmy! Don't let the door hit you on the arse.

I'd actually like to see UTEP hire coaches under 40. You get a motivated coach that can relate to a recruit - if he doesn't work out, fire him and move on. And, they won't be that expensive.

The college doesn't care about being competitive, so it really doesn't matter who they hire - SSDD.


joe if you have not heard, the big east will soon be all catholic schools and will not be a big player in college football. Therefore, why would utep get call from them. memphis and the other schools will soon be looking to rename their newly formed conference

Bye Coach

Floyd is a gonner. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I hate to see him go. I thought he would stick around and turn UTEP into a Sweet Sixteen contender again. Look at Gonzaga and Butler. Who knows? A shot at something more? Lots of parity in college BB now.

If Floyd does leave, UTEP should send Stull off into the sunset. They won't but they should. He has done some good things at UTEP. He really has. But Kugler was not the best hire for the football program. I like him but he still isn't the best hire.

Also continuing to hire coaches and not requiring schools to pay a buy-out if they hire them away is just plain stupid. Floyd makes $600,000 per year. A buy-out would go towards hiring a replacement coach.

Not to mention he has the philosophy backwards. You should hire a $600,000/yr. football coach, not the basketball coach. Yet. Football is what pays the bills at BCS schools. Then they spend big money on basketball coaches.


Really cant worry about what Floyd is going to do because only he knows what he wants. But yes, if he does leave, it will set the program back big time. I hope it's not the case, but we all have to realize Haskins and TF are not the same person. Haskins was a once in a lifetime coach. It's amazing he stuck around and decided not to leave for whatever the reason may be. But I do agree with Joe's point about conference realignment. Haskins coached against top level comp in the old-WAC. Doesn't any coach want this? The new CUSA is just not very appealing. That's where I think UTEP Athletics are screwed over the most.

Clay Lowenfield

We've never had a coach of this caliber since Haskins, lucky to have him, and lucky to keep him. People really don't realize what we've got, they will someday.


UTEP needs to be a contender. UTEP can't compete against USC when it comes to pay; but, El Paso is able to work together with UTEP to keep Floyd. Have companies represent and market Floyd. Like when Price milk marketed Mark Price. instead of Price how about Helen of Troy , ADP, Western Refinery? All these companies are Fortune 500 companies headquartered in El Paso. these companies combined with a UTEP salary can create more competitive pay. Hundai of El Paso, which sponsored the Sun Bowl can give Floyd a new car. bottom line El Paso businesses need to create incentives. how about free chicos for life ?

Paul in Tucson

Why can't UTEP keep coaches? How many post-Haskins coaches have there been? Alford's been at UNM for 6 years, what are they doing (besides selling out the Pit) to keep a good coach that we're not?


People keep thinking that there is some way UTEP can compete financially with the big schools. The only way to keep a coach is to get one who is not on a finacial mission. Either one who has made his money or one who wants to build and be in charge of his own program. Don Haskins was the classic example of a big fish in a small pond. He was in control of the athletic department and was amazingly successful.
Coach Floyd could fall in the first category. Look at what Rick Majerus did at St. Louis. VCU and Butler are in better basketball communities so there may be more reason for local businesses to support the program. Our attendence is down so support from advetisers is probably down also.
Another point is that Coach Floyd has not been offered the job. The LA Times blogs had a lot of negative comments from readers. He may not be the first choice.
I hope he stays. He has character, ability and respect from his players.


Correct me if I wrong all the Coaches who were succeeding here in UTEP and left for the money are not really having any success.

Hector Montes

Coach Floyd, first we had Coach Doc Sadler and he left for greener pastures (Nebraska), then we had Coach Billy Gillispie and he left for greener pastures (Texas A&M), then we had Coach Tony Barbee and he left for greener pastures (Auburn), Good Luck Coach Floyd at your supposed greener pasture(USC). I bet the rest of those coaches regret leaving UTEP, Good Luck


The bottom line is once again, UTEP admin can't seem to keep a good coach around and yet keeps the good 'ol boys happy for 9 years. Regardless of how "personable" the coach is, the bottom line is that there is a job that needs to be done. All El Paso people do is B*^&* and complain. Get off your asses and go support the program win or lose. Floyd is the best basketball coach we are going to see here. He is building a program and has what it takes to win. I could care less that he isn't out and about rubbing shoulders with the fancies and kissing everyone's asses. He's here to do a job, let him do it and support him! You morons think greatness is built in just 3 years in a place like El Paso?! Get real. Floyd is also the type that isn't gonna be somewhere he isn't wanted and people calling for his head in just 3 years is plain stupidity. So what UTEP had a few winning seasons before Floyd was here, look at those seasons before Gillespie and so on. Not so stellar. I say this, at the end of the day, this all falls on Stull. He is a terrible AD who is complacent. Kugler will be a bust as well because he is already sitting court side with big money donors(Vanderberg) which means the pockets have already spoke and good 'ol boy coaching is back and alive(Edward Davis can't even keep his business open yet is seen putting something in Kuglers pocket at his introduction). At least Floyd does it his way whether you like him or not. Fire Stull and watch the difference in progression.


Posters make a good point. Billy Gillespie recuited Omar Thomas, Jason Williams,and Filiberto Rivera. He inherited John Tofi and had a talented bunch that played hard. He had a problem that has ruined his career. Doc Sadler was credited with recruiting Stefon Jackson. He was a good bench coach but couldn't recruit to play in the Big 12 or Big 10. He is an assistant now. Tony Barbee who recruited talent and went to tournement is struggling at Auburn. He left here a year too soon. Maybe he could have gotten a better job. Auburn has been down forever.
The problem with pointing out these guy's shortcomings is that Coach Floyd has moved many times and succeeded. He stays only because he wants too.

Jay Koester

Sure, I can think of plenty of reasons why Floyd would want to go. What I can't come up with are many reasons why USC would want Floyd.

paul j strelzin

1. floyd makes $600,000 a year in El Paso

2. floyds not going anywhere

3. all floyd wanted was a clean get out of town from USC---he has that now

4. to improve all of UTEP athletics-get rid of Stull

5. a full house at the Don is 12,222

Chris Stanley

OK, let's look at the stay or leave format:

STAYS: This is the place where he got his break into college basketball. Haskins opened the door for him and gave him a lot of what Floyd uses to this day. And a few years ago after he had a mountain of bad publicity he needed a friend. Where did he turn? Utep. I guess when times are bad you go where you know people want you. Good ol' El Paso. And despite the bad press, the city and school welcomed him with open arms. And he could probably stay here until he was older than Haskins and people would be happy. As for the USC job, who in their right mind goes looking for a job from someone who (for all practical purposes) fired them? (Unless you're Jay Leno...) The last place I'd want to go is where someone already dumped on me. It makes sense when Floyd says he wants to clear his name at USC. I get that. It also means he's open to moving on. I'll agree that Floyd isn't one of the top 12 coaches in profile in the college ranks and when big opportunities open Floyd isn't likely to be invited, even though Floyd has won in Idaho, Louisiana, Iowa and LA. Even if he gets his name cleared memories linger. But where has Floyd always sought to coach and has yet to have a team that could win? The NBA.

LEAVES: The time may be ripe for Floyd to clear his name and get mentioned in NBA circles again. Get some good publicity. And it makes sense to have it cleared in Los Angeles, a city that has one of the most popular NBA franchises and will certainly be looking for a new coach soon. Tim Floyd? Lakers head coach Tim Floyd??? How could any coach turn that down? And I don't think many Utep and El Pasoans would hold it against him if he took that job. I'd even go so far to say that people would be proud to say, 'hey, our coach is running the Lakers now.' Now that's big time.


I am surprised at how many people seem to want Floyd gone. My question is; How stupid can people be? CTF is about to assemble the best team EP has ever had the privilege of rooting on. Next year's squad will be good, but the 2014-15 team will be Sweet 16 bound, or better. Its worth mentioning that the recruiting class of 2013 is arguably the best ever. It has the capacity to open many doors to future recruiting, and make UTEP a college basketball hotbed, once again. I assume that those who want Floyd out are too young to remember him, or are new to the UTEP bball scene. If we are ever so fortunate for Floyd to stick around, in two years time all you naysayers can hop on the bandwagon and I bet the true Miner faithful won't even hold it against you.


I have lived in El Paso since 1984. I have been a basletball season ticket holder for all but one of those. I have had season tickets for football eratically - Stull years, Charlie Bailey years, even David Lee and some Mike Price. Through all of that Bob Stull is the only real AD we have had. The others were good men but no qualifications as an AD. Bob has hired five basketball coaches and all did a good job except Jason. Like all predecessors he hired a lot of football coaches and two were pretty good.
Keep him. It could be worse. Believe me.

Longhorn Alumnus

With respect to the comment about "supporting the program win or lose," that's an aspect that the Athletic Department SHOULD address. It is depressing hearing that the Memphis game was the largest crowd of the season, even though it was the third Top 25 team the Miners have played at home this season (UNLV, Oregon). Top programs bring in loads of revenue. LOADS. The Haskins Center and Sun Bowl need to be at 80% on a nightly basis to compete with bigger schools. On top of that, they should probably double the ticket prices as well. The Athletic Department needs to launch a very aggressive marketing campaign to bring in new fans to the football and basketball games and then retain them. Once UTEP is successful at making the games "the place to be" again, then fans can start thinking about competing with the big schools. (By the way, I think Floyd lifting jerseys into the rafters is a genius recruiting move along those same lines.)

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