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February 08, 2013


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"As Hunt pointed out, the only way El Pasoans could see that buzzer-beater win at East Carolina late last month was on video, such as YouTube."

This is simply not true. People can find an online stream pretty easily. They are easy to find if you know the right sites. That is what many already do. Granted, if people want to go to a sports bar, then they are out of luck. There is also the C-USA Digital Network to see games but I really don't know anyone who actually subscribes to that service.

UTEP not being on local TV is a frustrating issue because many of us have to resort to the online streams. In an era of the digital age, there are plenty of local over-the-air channels where games can be broadcasted. The obvious issues would be the production costs (or sub-licensing costs with the home team UTEP is playing) and travel costs for all road games.

I truly hope Coach Floyd can put pressure on the local stations to get a deal done, especially with the Top 25 recruiting class coming in next season.

As for a half-filled DHC, that's mainly because fans don't want to spend money on seeing a terrible visiting team, as was the case with Rice on Wednesday. Maybe Stull & Co. should fluctuate ticket prices according to who they play. That way, the DHC will have near sell-outs every time because it will look like fans are getting a good deal. Just a suggestion...


Joe, wipe that brown stuff off of your nose - you brown-noser. You can't be objective when you suck-up to UTEP coaches.

Kugs kid not following him is a disgrace to their family. What it says is - I don' t think enough of my program, don't plan on staying long, and will darn sure not subject my son to a tumbleweed city like he was subjected to during his college playing career. It's a kick in the cods. I guarantee it will become a point of consternation for his players at UTEP.

Heck, the runts he recruited should tell everyone his time in ELP will be brief. He would have done better if he would've started his job sooner.


"As Hunt pointed out, the only way El Pasoans could see that buzzer-beater win at East Carolina late last month was on video, such as YouTube."

I watched it live on All Access as I do all the Miner games that are not nationally or regionally televised.

Ed says:
"Kugs kid not following him is a disgrace to their family."

I believe he had already committed. Breaking a commitment is nothing to be proud of. As much as I can't stand Joe's writing, in this case he is right. Kugler should let his kids decide where they want to study and play football. Ann Arbor and a chance to win a national championship? Who wouldn't want that for their son? How many kids serious about football and academics wouldn't want that as well?


Canaima & Joe: Evidently I'm wrong, since I seem to be the only one that values loyalty.

This kid is a 4-star player, and should have better opportunities w/the Michigan program. Though, Ohio State is the best team in the Big 10.

Lets hope the limited fan base @ UTEP goes all in w/this coach, and he's able to produce in a watered down CUSA. I'd like to see UTEP do well. I'd also like to see UTEP get invited to the new Big East or MWC.

He'll likely bolt within 2 to 4 years - he has options that Mike Price did not.


"Canaima & Joe: Evidently I'm wrong, since I seem to be the only one that values loyalty."

Is loyalty defined by the kid sacrificing to support his dad's new job or by the father helping his son achieve his dreams? Is the father that demands the child stay home and support the family business, rather than going off to college, a loyal father or a selfish father? Just making an analogy. I don't know to what the kid aspires but if it isn't professional football, the UofM on the resume is going to be a lot more valuable than UTEP on the resume. Ann Arbor is a vibrant university town. Just a fact of life. UTEP is a jewel but UofM is, well, UofM.


Ed, are you seriously making a big deal about Kug's son not coming to play for his dad? It was already well known, for more than a year in fact, that his son committed to Michigan. Why would he decommitt just because his dad took the UTEP job? He had his heart set on Michigan; that's why he really did not consider any other offers.

This is not a loyalty issue. If you bother to look at other programs and their players last 20 years, you will see any type of coach(HC/DC/OC/etc.) have a son play elsewhere. It's not a big deal. But apparently for you it is.


Man, you people in ELP must have poor, or no father figures.

A few people have shared that it's not a big deal to work or serve with ones father, but I disagree. Given similar opportunities, I would've went thru a brick wall for my father, and if possible, would have jumped on the opportunity to be a part of something he's a part of building.

My father was a high ranking soldier - if I were a part of the military during his career, I would have petitioned the president to serve with him. I realize we're talking apples and oranges, but I was able to work with my dad after I became an engineer in civilian life; & miss those days now that he's gone.

This is evidently an upbringing issue - don't knock me because I was blessed with a great dad. Through my tunnel vision glasses, I just can't comprehend this families nonchalance on this issue. His dad DID NOT have the UTEP job when he committed to Michigan, but now he does, so suck it up and take one for dad.

It's really this simple - the kid can play football, his father's new team needs players - he should play for dad.

No matter where he attends school, an NFL career is highly unlikely. And, undergraduate degrees aren't that important - let him make up his own mind about where he'll attend graduate school.

Pascal Fortran

Shut up Ed! Get in touch with your feminine side.


Undergrad degree not important? So why do many high schoolers sweat it out when they apply at all the major universities in the country? I'm not talking about student athletes, I'm talking about those who actually want to pursue a higher education. You are telling me that their first degree, presumably, is not that important unless they pursue grad school. Man, that is really narrow minded.

By the way, I have a great father. I didn't pursue his career path in life because he encouraged me to do something I would love and be meaningful to me. Making any other assumption is reckless and makes it believe that any kid who chooses not to follow in their father's footsteps is a disgrace to their family. This isn't an upbringing issue for me or anyone else that cares to comment. I paved my own path and want my children to do the same. It's called unconditional love and support. I am much more concerned if they turn out to be good and decent people when they grow up. With an Masters and/or Doctorates degree, right? Since, you know, the Bachelors isn't that important.


Carlos you are correct. And Ed is a little off and maybe out of touch. I work in the corporate world in the midwest. The undergrad degree is important and where it comes from is also important. And it isn't only because University X might be better than University Y. Rather it is also because of the country club effect. Big Ten grads (for example) who are making hiring decisions like to hire other Big Ten grads. Anyway, that is a minor point. Ultimately whether the Kugler kid chose to honor his commitment to UofM or follow his dad like a loyal puppy to UTEP is THEIR family decision that Ed or anyone else outside of that family shouldn't be judging or sticking their nose into.


Carlos & Canaima: You guys have put far too much thought and emotion into this thread. I've actually lost 5 IQ points after reading you silly rhetoric.

You failed to comprehend the gist of the initial post.


Congrats Ed - from reading your posts, I didn't think you had 5 IQ points to lose.


Please someone tell me how I can watch the away games streaming. On my TV which will stream movies, etc. or on my computer? Is this a pay for view? Clue me in. I would appreciate it.


UTEP fan

Streams can be watched by computer, even on a tv if you want to hook it up to it. Just Google the following:
t h e f i r s t r o w (without the spaces of course) and it will be very first search item listed. There, you will see list of games available. This is the site many already use to see all home and away games. It is a free stream which is why it's very popular.


Peprica - I pay for the Miner TV (or maybe its called All Access) (see the UTEP Athletics website for info) - I think it was about $80 for an annual subscription and it gives you various sporting events. Some of the football games were audio only but I've been able to see most of the UTEP men's and women's basketball games (I do not live in El Paso) whether on the road or at home.


Canaima: You're on record that loyalty is not important, whether it be family, professional, etc. You're naive - I hope you're spitting off to sound bold, otherwise I'd have a detective follow your spouse around.

Kugs will succeed at UTEP within 2 years. There's no way a coach can't win at UTEP now that their conference is basically Division 2 caliber. I'd like to hear your input after this guy bolts. The tendency to do so is there already - as loyalty starts at home.

We'll be exchanging future posts. Looking forward to your thoughts.



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