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February 23, 2013


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Pascal Fortran

Poor offensive exhibition on both teams. Could be the hard nosed defensive struggle.

I thought UTEP was up by 9 with 6 minutes remaining. I may be wrong - I'll have to go back and watch the Altitude Sports playback I taped this morning.

I liked UTEPs defense. There's always a silver lining when a defense is tough, and UTEP has some tough bastards. They don't quit.

Problem is UTEP couldn't hit fish in a barrel with a shotgun. I don't know what Floyd can do about his anemic offense. Ultimately, J. Washburn has to shoot more, hit high percentage shots, and not give a rip if he misses. He's one of the best athletes in college hoops, but he's too darn meek. He needs an edge about him.

Good article this week Joe - 'bout time you aren't blowing sunshine up Floyd's skirt.


The only reason NMSU made a run was because the officials paraded them to the ft line every time they got sneezed on. The final 12 minutes was nothing be whistles against utep.

a Fan

Had great seats at the game. Was impressed with the defense I saw, both teams. Offense was painful to watch, both teams. Combined 31 points in a half reminded me of the pre-3 point/pre-shot clock days. Maybe tough defense as Pascal says.

As much as I liked the defense, it seems to me that the Miners don't have any kind of organized, consistent offense to speak of. There were some nice plays going to the basket on the dribble drive when our guards got past their man defense and went to the basket and we got some good 3 point looks that opened the game up.

When the Aggies switched defenses we stopped trying to go inside. Their bigs rested and waited and we had no answer. Turning the ball over didn't help. Plus, we put 3 guys on the Aggie center, which allowed some open looks from the outside for them and some easy dump offs to their big. They also missed about three point blank dunks, which helped us keep it close.

Reminded me of the game in the Don earlier in the season. Thought they should have won that game and that we should have won the game last night.


That 16-3 run in the last 5 minutes by the Aggies was, pure Testicular Fortitude!!

Things were looking bleak but, a bench warmer (Kevin Aronis) came into the game and scored 11 pts those last few minutes. The crowd got into the game and NMSU got some new energy.

The 16-3 run says a few things. NMSU played better defense, NMSU played better offense. The Aggies wanted it more!!!
The refs? Even my 4 yr doesn't come up w/ BS like that!


The last 12 minutes were fouls against the minors?
You must also believe in Santa and the Easter bunny.

The officiating wasn't perfect but, it was good, with a bad call here and there for both teams. Sorry, but you the perfect example why we reffer to utep as the "whinners".

Your, ho hum, attitude about NMSU is moronic. Yes, the conference is bad...just like C-USA.
However, I think NMSU has a better chance to make the NCAA tourney than any C-USA team outside of Memphis.

Pascal Fortran

I hadn't seen NMSU play this season and wanted to comment on that 7'5" Gigantor kid.

I like the way that kid plays. Look forward to watching him develop in the coming years - he's a work in progress, but shed 50 lbs. off of his frame, and he'll be a dominant player.

Lang, who is a strong kid, had trouble with him - that's impressive.

a Fan

Turnovers and a smart change in defense turned the tide towards the Aggies. Simple as that. Strange game first half, good game second. Clean until the last foul, which I think looked worse than it was and wasn't meant to injure.

Congrats to the Aggies. Look forward to next year's matchups with better results for the Miners.



Seriously? What game did you watch? You actually criticize the Aggie schedule? Who is in C-USA besides Memphis? NO ONE! As badly as YOU keep saying the Miners are playing they are still in 4th place in C-USA. What does that say about your conference? Last I checked the teams don't have a say in who they play. The Aggies are 12-3 in conference and just went on a 12 game win streak without 3 starters playing. So much for fair and educated reporting Joe.
Also, NMSU shot 13 percent in the first half and they were still leading at halftime. The Miners shot 30 percent. If that doesn't tell the story on how bad the Miners are I don't know what does. The Aggies shot the ball terribly and it wasn't because of the defense. It was poor offensive play by both teams. Once the Aggies went into a Zone (late second half) the Miners couldn't answer.
Also, stop whinning about the refs folks. There were questionable calls on both ends. That's sports.
Best of luck to both teams.


Yes, the 7'5" kid (Bhullar) is a work in progress but, he's only a freshman! His brother is also 7'0" & has verbally commited to play for NMSU next year.
We are excited about the possibility of having the twin towers on the court at the same time.

Also, I heard the rant that Tim Floyd went on about Steve Alford & UNM. Floyd is exactly right! Who does Alford think he is to take away 90 yrs of home & home?!!!
I hope utep is able to schedule unm and I hope utep beats them!!
Good luck to utep the rest of the way and hope they get hot come tournament time.

Misha Perro

Maybe UTEP should start recruiting out of the country, and training athletes to compete against the US in the Olympics in basketball, too.

Figmund Sreud

Poor Misha. Doesn't realize that UTEP has at least one foreign recruit on the way. Poor Misha. Doesn't realize that UTEP won those track national championships with teams that were almost completely filled with foreign athletes.

The nationalistic card is not as good as the race card though. You ought to work that one in. Ha.

Misha Perro

Poor Figmund. Doesn't realize that I was talking about recruiting in basketball in addition to the other sports at UTEP. Ha.

a Fan

If the Miners get some decent offensive players in next year, the team should be very competitive and end up at or close to the top of CUSA.

Pascal Fortran

A Fan: Agreed.

However, the elder Washburn kid is an athletic freak of nature and a talented b-ball player. If Floyd can get that kid to share the ball early with teammates, like Jordan used to do; and then take over the offense inside of 12 minutes remaining in any game, I believe the Miner's would be a different team. A team capable of averaging 60-75 points per game.

I would eliminate the point guard position next season, run the offense thru the elder Washburn, and let the others feed off of him. If he needs an example, have him watch a Lakers (Koby without Nash) or Heat (Labron) game.

a Fan


Definitely there is that missing "go to" guy in this year's team. Will be interesting to see how the new hot recruit will be integrated on the offensive end.

While I know the CUSA tourney is still up for grabs, I've been focusing on next year's team. I think realistically that we will be lucky to make the NIT. UTEP administration seems willing to go the CBI route, which might be the best we can hope for.


aggies fans shut the hell up and go to the cruces sun news website, your aggies play trash all year, yea cusa is trash but uteps noncon schedule was definitely one of the toughest in the nation, the best team you played was so miss, so again mind your business andkeep your nose in las cruces.



Do you need a hug? Who cares what the non-conference schedule looks like if you don't win. UTEP beat Oregon which was a good win, but that's it. As stated previously, the teams don't select their schedules. They just go out on to the court and play. The Aggies are 19-9 in a weak WAC with 1 Sr, 1 Jr, 1 So and 2 Fr playing the last 8 games. UTEP top starters consist of 3 Sr's, 1 Jr and 1 So. What's UTEP's excuse?

The Game

Davey doesn't like the Miners going to the CBI while the team north of us ends up in the NCAA tournament. Can you imagine what his Saturday night was like? Crushing.

The rest of us recognize that the Miners aren't that good this year. Even so, they did beat the Aggies once.

Good luck to the Miners. There's still the possibility of an NCAA bid with a win in the CUSA tourney. Same for the Aggies in the WAC.

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