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February 16, 2013


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What do you mean we supposed to win? Do some research Joe. We were five point favorites. Mid majors have to either beat a big team or win their conference to get any recognition. We have only one shot at the tournement and that is win the CUSA tournement in Tulsa. This team has the players to do this but Memphis is tough and well coached.


Joe, or is it really Jose?

UTEP clearly underachieved in this game. Floyd pulled back on the reigns and only won this game by 15 points. What was he thinking? He clearly has lost control of this team, as they could've won by 25 points against this weak conference foe.

Blowout opportunities are rare. I hope we don't squander the next opportunity - if there is another opportunity.

Eduardo del Tapatia


Ed, I think CTF could care less about a blowout in favor of getting Hooper Vint and Tymond Howard some decent play time. Not to mention Cooper getting a little more floor time. These kids need that time... they are part of the future success of this team.

Unless you had some crazy bet going, of course.

CTF is thinking of the future at these times, not how good the score looks in the morning paper.

One gripe I have is how the Miners finished the last 30 seconds of the game. They all starting walking around as if the game was over.


Really? Post-seaspm tournament? You mean a real tournament or one of those make believe tournaments for teams with a five hundred record that didn't get invited to either of the real dances? Don't think so. Not this year.

Figmund Sreud

A big W is nicer than a little w. A w of either kind is what helps seeding in the CUSA tourney.

Good job Miners on an impressive victory.


I am glad that the posters don't coach the team. Hooper played some and got experience against a quality opponent. CJ is getting better and needs to play as much as possible. Twymond needs to get the feel of college basketball. 15 or 25 points is meaningless. Real fans always want to go the NCAA tournement. We can if we win CUSA. It is automatic.

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