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February 27, 2013


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i thought it was a win

Miner Maniac

Hey Joe, we get it. C-USA is a weak conference, same as the WAC, the PAC-12, the SEC, etc., etc. in fact, unless you're a B1G conference team, you're in a weak conference. A win's a win. It doesn't matter how many points you score. It doesn't matter how many points you held the oppoising team to. What matters is that at the final buzzer of the game, your team has one more point on the scoreboard than the other team. Why can't you understand that? Maybe you should be using your time right now packing up your office stuff for the big move out of the El Paso Times building. Right now you're totally obilivious to what matters in a basketball game!

a Fan

You knew the Miners would come back strong after the loss in Las Cruces.

Nice win guys.


I'm totally withJoe on this one, can't pat the little miners on the back for mediocrity, if we wantto play with the big boys we need to start playing as such there is no room for slop in the national spotlight and frankly an nit or cbi appearance just does not cut it, if we want the mwc to bring us on board we need to make a statement nationally rather than by begging our way in! nice blog Joe! an awakening needs to place in the sun city and your on the right track!

Pascal Fortran

Well stated Joe.

This was a good win for the Miner's, but they are talented enough (this year) to do so much more. It's too bad the season's coming to a close; they're running out of time, games, & will likely watch post-season from El Paso instead of being a participant.


Joe is calling it like he sees it, if your a big Miner fan you should know the Miners could do alot better than this. They have a talented bunch of players this season. If they want to go somewhere they really, really need to get it together soon. I still say UTEP needs talented (who aren't afraid to get physical under the boards) players 6'11 and up....GO MINERS!!!


On another note, I like our chances in the CUSA tourney. I was looking at the standings and the top teams are:

Memphis 13-0.

So. Miss- 10-3.


UTEP 8-5


UCF is ineligible for post season play this year. So the teams with first round byes will be Memphis, So Miss, UTEP and ECU.

Tulane is next at 6-7, so it doesnt look like they have a shot for a bye.

But I am confident the Miners can win 2 games in Tulsa and play in the championship.

I think our win vs ranked Memphis on Tuesday will give us the confidence.


Another incoherent post from Joe "the glass is completely empty" Muench. Nice word Joe - impresseded. So much for proofreading and spell checking. And thanks for reminding us that NMSU is nearby.

The 70s had no 3 point shot. A team could rely on D to keep scores low and would thereby ensure at least a shot at winning. So yes, on a night when neither team could hit their 3s, and the Miners were playing stingy D, the score is gonna look like it did.

Houston is not a good team - yet - but much like the Miners, they are rebuilding and they have young talent. The Miners should feel good about the win especially given that they weren't shooting well they had foul trouble and Mac Moore was being punished. So yes, a team with consistent offensive weapons will win more. But a good team will also find a way to win when not everything is going their way. The Miners showed some of this last night.

Pascal Fortran

Canima: Can't we all just get along?! ;-)

I find that ELP Times writers and contributors are generally too generous to UTEP coaches & athletes when writing about them. I assume it's because they are the only print paper in town, and are concerned about upsetting the athletic department, which may result in limited access for interviews. So, in the rare instances when Joe blasts the Miner's for mediocrity, he's usually spot-on and fair.

The Miner men are a good athletic team - they have the horses to WIN NOW. However, they don't play to their potential and that's Floyd's fault. He's a good coach, but he's not the right coach for today's college game.

Justified Criticism

I'd like to see the ELP Times rip into Bob Stull sometime. The UTEP facilities are marginal in comparison to lesser programs. He's not a good fundraiser; otherwise, UTEP would be able to subsidize coaches pay enough to compete with 2nd & 3rd tier programs for quality coaches. They are currently on-par with D-2 schools.

What has really changed on Stull's watch that would not have been part of a campus master plan at some time in the distant future? Facilities improvement are always a line-item at large universities. I'd like to see Stull do something above and beyond - he doesn't have clout on the national scene, and nobody seems to care in ELP.

The Game


I look at how UNM and NMSU are doing every once in a while so I don't have a problem with Joe reminding us about either of those teams. It's natural as they are just up the road. UNM is going gang busters. There are some folks saying they'll be a no. 2 seed in the big dance. That's possible if they keep winning.

I watch UNM, and to a lesser extent NMSU, because there is a natural tendency to compare how the closest programs to UTEP are doing. I'd say both are doing well with UNM doing best of the two. Both have been in the NCAAs regularly in the last four or five years. In the end, it's good for the Miners that those programs are successful, as long as they aren't successful against the Miners. I compare them because their situations are similar to UTEP's. UNM has a better fan base. NMSU draws less, but the population pool is much smaller. All three schools have budget issues. That being said, UNM is finding a way to pay their coach $1M a year, which is much more than the combined salaries of the UTEP and NMSU coaches. Is that the difference that makes them a better team in a better conference?

I'm expecting the Miners to be an NCAA tourney team next year and to compete for the CUSA regular season championship, just like the two teams north of us are competing for their respective conferences.


70's? Who cares? Since there are really no favorites to even be a number one cede in the NCAA tournement criticism is rampant for Kansas, Duke, Indiana et al. Our team is still a patchwork of players. Konner is a fill in and McKenzie is still new. J Bo is eratic but maybe he sees the light now. Because the team does not appear to always fit together it seems we fall apart on offense. Wednesday night the high scoring Cougars went into a slow down and we started playing as if we were in wet cement. They used the shot clock and we slowed down with them. Tim stands on the sideline furiously waving his hands for the team to hurry up and they don't. This is what they need to solve offensively. 70's? Make a point Joe. Get the ball up the court, get it to the baseline and you will win and Coach Haskins will be smiling!

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