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February 02, 2013


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What's up with Bo's attitude? Does he not like Floyd's system? Is he just a me player? I'm glad Floyd benched him. Anyone have answers?

Jim Maynard

He should have transferred with Barbeeeeee to Auburn.

Pascal Fortran

Bohannen played quite extensively and well at UAB, though he and Conner got into a few heated exchanges on the court for blown coverages. I was at the game.

Perhaps he should sit out next year and transfer to another school. He did not redshirt yet, so he'd have 1 year of eligibility. He should transfer to Mississippi State like Moutouri did.

It appears he needs someone loose like Barbee that concerns himself with on court play, and not a ridiculous disciplinarian like Floyd. At 6'11", he doesn't need UTEP.

Another season

Post season? If you are talking NCAAs, the Miners were out of contention for an at large bid at about 5 or 6 losses. The Miners are in good shape for CUSA's tournament, where a win guarantees a spot in the NCAAs.

Pascal Fortran

Another Season: This is an odd year in college hoops. There are at best 30 solid men's basketball programs in the NCAA this season, it's pathetic. UTEP just might be able to sneak into the NCAA tourney - w/o having to win the CUSA tourney - if they can somehow win 95% of their remaining contests.

I attended the UAB game last week, and couldn't help but recall UTEPs glory days of the '80s. There's no way kids these days could hand with Feitl, Reynolds, Smith, Jackson, Hardaway, Davis, Gates, Foster, Lockhart, etc.

UAB and UTEP looked (to me) like Div. 2 teams of just 20 years ago. What the heck happened?

It seems there's a talent drain at the NCAA level in hoops - have you noticed there's a ton of programs recruiting foreign kids that can't play. UAB had two eastern European kids on their team, and both stunk it up.

I think it's due in part to footballs national popularity, and the way tight ends & receivers have become the greatest thing since sliced bread. Tall kids with size (6'2" & above) are flocking to football to play QB, receiver, or tight end.

Another season

Pascal: The Miners have played some great competition this year, so that's a big plus. And hey, if the Miners can make it without having to win the CUSA tourney, super. One problem I see is CUSA is pretty weak, and has been for a few years now. That doesn't help when the conference probably won't get more than one team in. Especially the way some conferences can get 10 teams in and others only one.

I've seen the good and bad of foreign players. Most of the ones I've seen have pretty good fundamentals and are decent students. They are quite the athletes though.

I do think that the popularity of college basketball is declining. Maybe it's just the way it's run or maybe because the local teams like the Miners, Aggies, Lobos, can't seem to get past the first round of the NCAAs when they do get in, so folks just lose interest.

Pascal Fortran

Another Season: I think CUSA will get two teams into the NCAA this season. The tournament winner and the league champion. If the league champion happens to be the tourney champion, I can see another team getting in as an at-large. There are one or two teams with decent RPI out-of-conference games - that should be enough to get into the dance.

The SEC and Big 12 are down this season, so the majority of teams will likely come from the ACC, Big 10, and Big East.

I like UTEPs chances if they can just get into the tourney. They have great size and athleticism. I think they could do well, maybe a first and second round win against the likes of a PAC 12 or Big 12 team.

I'll take you for your word on the foreign players. I haven't seen it, and a ton of them play in the SEC and CUSA near my home in Alabama. Perhaps the teams in the southwest recruit internationally better than in the southeast.

Best regards!

Another season


I think I was thinking about NMSU up the road. They have a ton of players and have done well with them. Three or four NCAA tourneys in the last six years.

You are right about the SEC and Big 12. The Big 12 deserves maybe 4 teams in as opposed to their normal 8-9. Don't follow SEC too much. So, yeah, maybe CUSA will benefit from the down years in those conferences.

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