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January 26, 2013


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miner maniac

Assistant coach Phil Johnson said it best in the post-game show. If we had made our free throws we would had won by 10. The team needs to get better at free throw shooting. Too often it happens that games are decided at the charity stripe.

Good win tonight. Bo stepped up when Konner had an off night. Kudos to him for not reacting and going after that ECU player when it happened. And of course Mackenzie Moore for making that clutch three to win it at the end. Memphis barely squeaked by Marshall tonight. UTEP is still very much in contention for the C-USA title. Miner Strong!

toby tibbins

So glad I did not listen on the radio. I don't need drama, at least not so early in season. Go miners!

UTEP fan in SA

Joe how about mentioning the fact that UTEP was down by 4 with a minute left and came back to win or the fact that they never had a lead in the second half until there was 0 seconds left on the clock. UTEP may have not made close shots but they set a season high of 14 made 3 pointers which broke their previous season high of 9!


Hey Joe, tell UTEP fan in SA that UTEP made 4 three pointers.


He's just stating what the AP recap is reporting, though the stats show the truth...


Nice win for the Miners. I'm still chuckling after seeing the ECU bench starting their celebrations just prior to the dagger-shot stroking the net. Yes, props to Tucker for not reacting after being punched. A melee would not have helped us win this game. He stayed cool and ECU lost a player due to ejection - certainly that helped us. Good job Miners.

Pascal Fortran

Great win Miner's! See you in B-ham - I have court side tickets. Missed you in Tulane earlier this season, but Bartow Arena is 5 minutes from my home. Also plan to catch the So. Miss game.

Pick'em Miner's!


Here's a link to the video showing the Konner Tucker punch - hope the player gets suspended for a few games. Again, kudos to the Miners for not letting this get out of hand:


A Fan

A great way to win.


I just want to know how Bowden only got a 1 game suspension? I think if we had lost the game we would be talking about the punches more than the game. You could use it as a strategy. Bring in a bench player, than assault a starter and just get one game off for it. Ridicules

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