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January 12, 2013


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I like that they continue to play tough defense, and the offense is starting to come-around. Konner can make it rain from beyond 3 point territory - he (tremendously) complements coach Flouyd's scheme.

CUSA is weak this year, they may just get into the big tourney if they continue to improve. I like the way the big men mix it up in the paint - especially Bohannan & Lang. That Lang kid is one tough bastard.


The famous UTEP defense is officially back!

Every game there is a noticeable improvement from this Miner team. Every game we see players mature more and we see playing time from the future (Moore(s), Howard, C. Washburn).

I believe that this is indeed a step up from the Gillispie team because of the extreme depth that this team has. The way the classes are staggered of the current and incoming talent, Floyd is setting UTEP up to have consecutive years of serious winning with no down seasons.

It's been fun to watch the buildup and now it's going to be even more fun to experience UTEP basketball as it should be.


I agree with Ed and desert_mouse! Improvement is evident in every game. And the defense in the last few outings has been impressive. And yes, Lang is one tough kid! I had fun listening to the Tulane announcers and twice I heard "Lang is killin us!". J. Washburn is a defensive monster and his hustle/work ethic is impressive. K. Tucker is providing some great senior leadership and outside shooting - a dimension we were missing early in the year. J. Streeter is coming alive with his lane penetration and some nice outside shooting as well. Keep it up Miners. Keep listening to your coach and keep up the hustle. You're gonna make some noise in C-USA.


I think its still a little early to predict that we will win a conference championship this year, but we sure as hell have a chance.

I agree with Joe's comment that we are in the best shape that we have been in years, and thats because it seems as if Tim Floyd is committed to building the program. Gillespie and Barbee had to hit the road to go make their millions, but I believe and I truly hope that Floyd will stick around for years to come and turn us into a powerhouse.

This season could be the year that people starting taking notice of what Tim Floyd is doing out in the west Texas town of El Paso.

Pascal Fortran

Prospero, I don't think they implied the fat lady was singing. The team is an above-average CUSA team, that may benefit from an extremely weak conference. The NIT is surely within grasp if they continue to play well; NCAA tourney is doable with a conference tournament championship - and that's the only way. Their RPI is weak, they played poorly early on against blue-chip schools, so it will have to be via a conference championship.

This years CUSA conference champion won't make it to the dance without winning the tournament as well. The PAC-12 & Big East will each send several teams this year. The Big 12 will send their share as well.


No I agree with you. I think this team has a great chance to be in the NCAA or NIT this year. C-USA is weak this year, and if we can play good on the road, then we will be up there on the standings when the season ends.

But Joe said we are in better shape right now then we were with, for example Tony Barbee's teams. Well, one of those teams won 16 in a row and sent 3 guys to the NBA. (Caracter, Moultrie, Stone.)

Are we in better shape than that team right now? Joes right in that this team may be able to play smarter than that team. Barbees team would fall apart late in games.

And i believe that when you look at the big picture of what Floyd is trying to do here, then yes I think we are in better shape then years past. I believe Floyd will keep building the program over the next few years.

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