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January 16, 2013


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Conference tournament will be in Tulsa.


What does "UTEPed" mean? The conference tournament is in Tulsa. What are the odds..

Figmund Sreud

And Floyd is doing a tremendous job in his third year?

Miner Maniac

Joe must have gone to the same Manti Te'o school of journalism. Otherwise simple fact checking would have revealed that this year's C-USA basketball tourney is in TULSA!!!

How the hell do you still have a job Joe? Then again, this is the El Paso Times we're talking about! Man do I miss the El Paso Herald Post. Maybe El Diario will someday publish an English version of their newspaper.

Pascal Fortran

Miner Maniac, give Joe a break. A considerable number of CUSA tourney's have been played in Memphis, which is the place they should be played. Bealle Street after a good tournament game is a good time to be had by all - it was a simple mistake on his part.

CUSA, prior to UTEP/SMU/Houston/etc. joining the league, used to hold ALL post-season b-ball tournaments in Memphis. That was the leagues glory days.

This is going to be a season of peaks and valley's for Floyd's Miner team. I'm going to give them a mulligan this season, but plan to rip into them next season if they lose more than 5 games and fail to make it to the NCAA.

I will be pleased this season with a 4th (or better) standing in CUSA, and pray they can get into the CBI w/that poor a showing. This is a good team, but immature and inconsistent. Floyd needs another year to lean up the younger Washburn, knock some sense into Bohannen's head to make him believe he can dominate the interior; as well as make Julian believe he's a special player. He reminds me of Clyde Drexler - I think he can score 25 to 30 pts. every night. The offense needs to play off of him 100% of the time - with UTEPs size factor, a triangle offense would be fitting to showcase Julian. Much like the Heat run their offense thru Labron James. Though UTEP is no Miami Heat, they have a great deal of similarities (team makeup wise).

Go Miners!

Miner Maniac

Labron James?!? Who's that?


Pascal Fortran breaks it down well and should write this blog instead of Joe (anyone please instead of Joe) - inconsistency is a product of an immature young squad. I also agree with his Bohannon remark - what's up with Bo? He's rarely making a move to the basket anymore. He catches it down low, looks around like "ah heck I'm covered again" and passes it back out. And yes, Julian is going to be a dominant player soon.

Last night's loss was a bitter pill to swallow given that Tulsa is weak this year and has players injured. But I think UTEP will make it up somewhere - winning a game we don't expect them to like maybe So Miss or Memphis.


Joe tells it like it is, sorry to say Utep peeps. The Miners should of dominated that game. They looked soft, no toughness under the board, too many easy put back misses, poor free throw shooting. When Bo is under the board, he get's double teamed, where's the help? The Miners desperately need accurate perimeter shooters, they shouldn't just rely on Tucker. Chris Washburn needs to step it up several notches. What's going on with Hooper Vint? For crying out loud son, you're taller than most opposing players!!!

A Fan


Every wonder why there aren't any CBI banners in the DHC? The CBI is a buy in tourney pretty much, allowing the dregs in to play. The Miners can get into "postseason" by opening the pocketbooks of the university.

Wouldn't it be better if the Miners actually earned their way into post season?

Pascal Fortran

A Fan,

I often ponder why there aren't any CBI banners in the Don. I also often ponder why the word abbreviation is so long.

I don't think this team will have the record to earn their way into a worthy post-season tournament this season. Their early season losses, and their anemic RPI will not permit it, if they don't win the conference tournament in Tulsa (outright). It's doable, but they will need to shore-up the outside game.

Washburn is a tremendous athlete, I wish Floyd would just tell him to shoot the darn rock (selfishly), and let the others play off him; similar to how the Heat play off of Lebron James - UTEP has the personnel. In fact, I'd put the ball in Washburn's hands 90% of the time the remainder of the season. He's a special player, with the ability to play at NBA level. He's the only Miner w/that ability at this juncture. He reminds me of Judan Smith (a Miner from back in days - 1980s).

The CBI, while a less than desirable option, will permit the Miner's to oppose teams they aren't likely to see, unless it's in a tournament setting. What I like about the CBI (and I don't like much about it), is that the Miner's (potentially) get 1 to 4 more games, and 5 to 10 more practices before they have to shutdown. Nice way to prep for next season.

Barbee's Miner's, as well as the team they opposed in the CBI a few years back (Oregon I believe), transitioned well to the subsequent season following their appearance in the CBI.

Miner Maniac

Jesus F'N Christ, one loss and everybody is crying, "The sky is falling!" When they win this Saturday vs. SMU everyone will be back on board the bus, including Joe.


Miner Maniac: Not so much the sky is falling; but, the window is shutting on a worthy post-season bid w/o having to win the league tournament outright. That will be a tall task, especially in Tulsa where Memphis, So. Miss., and Tulsa will likely be favored.

They're backed into a corner to receive an NIT bid at this juncture - their RPI, which is what ultimately matters, is terrible (currently 82 & dropping). Here's the real-time RPI link:


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