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January 30, 2013


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Already throwing the towel in, eh Muench? Aggie.


This man has no.business writing anything UTEP related!!

Pascal Fortran

Just returned to my home in Birmingham from the game. Man, this game was a bummer - I was court side and this should've been a blowout for UTEP; could have very easily turned into one.

UAB started out lethargic, sloppy, and clueless. Their crowd was pathetic - I bet less than 3 thousand showed up.

UTEP was on it early, but couldn't put it away. UTEP still could've won late in the game if they had sank just 3 of 6 of their final free-throws. The younger Washburn kid played his heart out, but couldn't hit a wall from the line. He missed two crucial shots from the line, the second one was an air ball.

UTEP was the better team. They were bigger, more physical & athletic. We won't win the conference, but this team can win the CUSA tournament. I really believe it can be done.

Better luck next time.


A single game doesn't define the season, but this one hurt. Especially knowing the miners are just simply better than UAB and they just beat themselves. I think it shows some immaturity and a great lack of consistency. It's gonna take longer than we thought but this team is capable of being really good. They need to stay at least .500 on the road in conference and hold down their home court. More consistency and they can make a run in the conference tourney.

Another season

This Miner team is pretty decent, not great and not bad. Sure, it has to win the conference tourney to get to the NCAAs. This has been obvious since about the 4th loss early in the season. If it does win the CUSA tourney, it gets to face a good 4th or 5th seeded team, which will most likely result in a first round loss for the Miners. No surprise to anyone about that. The more likely scenario is playing in the NIT or another buy-in CBI tourney. The latter will get us more Ws.

I like this team but am neutral on the coach. Yeah, I know he's a local favorite. Don't really think he has shown anything special since he's been here. But hey, the season is still young sort of.

Pascal Fortran

Another Season: I was a huge Floyd advocate when he was hired, but the program hasn't really improved since Barbee's departure. Floyd is kinda spastic on the sideline, and over coaches. A UAB fan described him as bizarre yesterday evening.

The kids were playing their hearts out and really pushing the ball down the floor well; however, when UAB started pressing, UTEP didn't have an answer. They appeared extremely overwhelmed and turned the ball & momentum over to a far weaker opponent.

This is a good UTEP team. Athletic to the max! I think they'll get on a roll and end the season strong. They aren't ready f/the NCAA tourney, they're too inconsistent. They could do well in the NIT if they get on a run heading into March.


This should be the goal for UTEP for the remainder of the season: Win as many conferences games as possible to get a first round bye in the CUSA tourney.
If we do, I am confident we can win two games in the tourney and play in that championship game. and then we will have a chance to go dancing.

Longhorn Alumnus

Joe, I actually think you hit the nail right on the head. The team is good, but they are still too inconsistent to be seriously considered for an NCAA run.

That being said, I believe the Miners are on track in the long-run. Next year, they will be more athletic, focused, and experienced, and the recruits Floyd has brought in are on par with any major program in the country. (Better yet, he is doing so by building evenly, not lumping one mega class so that the whole team graduates in the same year.)

Oddly enough, the Miners are still likely the best team in the state of Texas. Another off-season, and they won't be losing games like UAB, Tulsa, Vanderbilt, and UNLV. (Those are four bad losses, but turned around into wins, and that would result in a 15-4 team with one of the tougher schedules in the country.) We're just not there in 2013. Fans, don't give up on Floyd yet--we're on the verge of great teams to come, just not this season.


Please don't let Pascal and Another Season define the opinion on Floyd. He's got this program in much better shape than Barbee, who didn't have the long-term in mind. Floyd has a much more complicated playbook and demands more mentally from his players. This equals some nasty growing pains for an young team, but some very rich, long-term rewards.


I don't care how many plays you have in a book, wins define success.

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