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December 07, 2012


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Another season

If you don't need the cash, why schedule a team that's gonna' clock you. Scheduling names hurts the record and is a good way to get your starters injured.

Good for UTEP. Smart scheduling instead of selling out for the bucks.


Stull said fans will like who they chose instead of Miami. It better come from the Big 12/SEC/Big Ten otherwise he blew a shot at a decent crowd. And no, it will not be a small school. NMSU counts as that already.
P.S.: Non-conference games are UNM, NMSU, and Colorado St. So big time opponent needed.

Esteban casas

He chose Texas a&m . A lose but cool, hope the new coach can help us hang in there tale at one quarter.

Eric Davis

It's being reported in the C-USA Fan Forum that Sean Kugler is the next football coach of the UTEP Miners.

common sense

Are you serious?? The only reason a crowd showed up for the opener was BECAUSE it was Oklahoma. He better have declined the game because he has a better program in the works. Nobody wants to see Savannah State play. I definitely won't be there watching if that's the case..smh

Eric Davis

ESPN is reporting that Derek Elmendorf of Franklin High has switched his commit from UTEP to UTSA as of 12/10/2012.

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