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December 17, 2012


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What? Getting tired of trying to decider your posts Joe.

I do agree that the miners will do well in C-USA but they need to get their act together and be much more efficient on offense.


Maybe Joe...

On the one hand, front loading pre-conference play against good competition is great for the experience and helps RPI. On the other, there's a good chance we'll be 4-7 by the time conference play begins.

At seven losses, the Miners will almost certainly need to win the CUSA tourney to get into the NCAAs. Another six losses this season and the team will be looking to buy itself into another appearance in the CBI.


This team is inconsistent and passive on offense. Too gimmicky on defense. Looking forward to CUSA play, and perhaps the NIT.


Gimmicky is right. What is Tim Floyd doing out there? Is he just trying to show everyone how many different defenses he knows or is he trying to win a basketball game?

I predict another losing season for the perpetually young team.


That gimmicky defense held UNLV to 62 pts. Their lowest scoring performance of the season. UNLV is ranked #25 in the country in scoring,averaging 78 pts per game.

I hope Konner Tucker in our lineup will make us a better team. He is a good scorer. I would think Floyd will start him Wednesday night vs Oregon.


Joe - what's that you say? CUSA schedule as tough as UTEP's early season fare but not a lot of UNLVs? Not sure I understand that (you are writing and drinking again - I think that is illegal) but will respond anyway: UTEP's early season schedule is way harder than the CUSA.

Now, you need to do some real reporting and tell us why Twymond Howard (sp?) has not played a single second of the last two games. Is he in trouble? Academics?


UTEP can run any type of Floyd defense but when it comes down to wanting to REBOUND a missed shot and play clean up around the rim, that's what wins games. The Miners seem too eager to run back and focus on defense. They still haven't been able to counter a quick transition as well as challenge teams who love to shoot beyond the arc.
As Donte1990 mentioned, it's great for UTEP to implement a tough pre-conference schedule before conference play. They probably will enter their season not exactly how they'd like and most certainly not have the greatest RPI(141)due to the loses. Other tough C-USA teams are doing the same, but with different results. E. Carolina has knocked off #21 UNC, and both SMU and Tulsa has already beaten a very tough TCU team.

Why haven't we seen Mr. Mississippi basketball star T. Howard in the rotation or utilized big man 6-10 Hooper Vint??? Somebody needs to help out Bohannon when he gets double sometimes triple teamed.

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