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December 08, 2012


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Welcome to Tim Floyd basketball. Do these guys ever practice offense?

A win is a win but at this point, watching paint dry is a close second.


UTEP lacks rebounding, good shooters and more importantly athleticism. They seem afraid to attack the boards on offense. Why hasn't Floyd used 6'10 Hooper Vint? Is he not that strong or reliable?

miner fan

i just have a feeling vint is playing very scared basketball right now. he just came off back surgery, and i bet hes not being very physical in the paint at practice. thats probably why floyd hasnt played him very much, and as for the rebounding we have no one with any strength.the whole team doesnt seem to lift any weights or eat!!!! they are all tooth picks. bo is getting pushed around like a rag doll in the middle as well as everyone else. hard to box out a guy who ways 20 to 25 more pounds than you do . floyd needs to start recruiting thicker guys next years at center an PF. or god make these guys lift for christ sake! or its going to be the same rebounding woes year in and year out.

A Fan

Haven't we been "young" for the last 3 years? How long are we going to use that excuse for spotty play?


Oral Roberts was a 20-win NIT team last year.
We beat them by 20.

NMSU was an NCAA team last year, and they return 3 starters. We beat em.

Idaho won 19 games last year. much better than us.
We beat em.

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