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December 19, 2012


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Hard to read this incoherent piece of dribble and hard to take it seriously when Joe refers Oregon's conference as the Pac-10. It's been the Pac-12 for 2 years now. Anyways, everyone who follows UTEP knows has had a tough schedule and has a hard time shooting. But if they play like they did tonight with tough defense and a will to win, it should be an interesting season heading into conference play come January.


Right? Let me just throw in some commas and some parentheses wherever

The, miners (from UTEP), won (they scored more points), yeah, !


Mother Tucker.

Frank Briones

Joe it is now the Pac 12 Conference.


More incoherent dribble from Joe...

Miner Maniac

How 'bout them Aggies?

Moose Balls

"two teams with players having dud nights"

Did you even watch the game or did you simply look at the box score? J. Washburn had a career high 23 points! Not to mention Bohannon had a double-double with 21 points and 10 rebounds! Haters gonna hate!


Don't you mean "drivel?"

Dax Bellafontaine

UTEP survives? I think for UTEP to 'survive' they would have to be the better team,expected to win, and eek out a victory. No one expected them to win. In case you forgot, UTEP won by 7, Joe.

Figmund Sreud

Miner Maniac - Seems to me the Aggies and Miners are about the same. Both have more wins than losses so not sure why you are so interested in them, unless you want to make a comparison of two so-so teams who play in weak conferences. I'd be looking to that team in Albuquerque to compare, and think "that's where we need to be."

Miner fan in SA

If you're a Vegas man and bet on UTEP the past 2 games you would have won some money as UTEP covered the Vegas line those games. UTEP has played great defense all season as the offense has started to come around. Once Tucker and Mal. Moore get going I think this team is giong to be unstoppable during conference play.


The Miner's played their buttocks off! Way to go Miner's!! Can't wait for you to travel my direction so I can watch you play UAB, Tulane, E. Carolina, & S. Mississippi in-person.

Pick'em Miner's!

Miner Maniac

Figmund Sreud,

Schedule another session with Sigmund and learn was "sarcasm" means.

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