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December 01, 2012


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Not worth a comment. I wish you would give us some useful and accurate info. I follow UTEP sports in my spare time and could provide much more insightful and up to date info than this commentary ever does.


How about Tim Floyd take on double duties?


Floyd would require additional money. It might not be a bad idea. Stull obviously had some coaching skills, but I'm not sure about his value as a recruiter. But most head coaches rely on his subordinates, especially his coordinators to do a good deal of the recruiting. It would depend on who Stull brought in as assistants.

One other thing to consider, dealing with realignment right now is almost a full time job. C-USA is going to survive, for now, but if the FBS goes to four, six, or even eight superconferences, there is going to be some shake out. So far Stull hasn't done a real good job of handling the questions of realignment. Hanging your hat on a conference that isn't too strong isn't a great strategy.

If money is the issue, then hoping that UT is going to improve funding for the branch schools is hopeless. Relief will only come from boosters and local supporters. Unfortunately UTEP has no local boosters. The best solution is move down at least to the FCS and perhaps even lower than that.


georgeofthedesert: I was joking. I'll put a smiley face next time.

Obviously, Floyd has no business coaching football. However, firing Stull and adding AD duties to Floyd's plate is a good idea.

Why the heck is UTEP enamored with Stull? Does he have photos of Natalicio in a compromising situation? I don't get it; the facilities at UTEP are average, the Sun Bowl & Don Haskins Ctr. are dumps, and the athletics program as a whole are a joke. Will they finish in the black this year, or will the academic side of the house have to subsidize their programs?

Universities not having to compete with professional sports usually do well. Why can't boosters and decision makers at UTEP see the poor results while under Stull's direction.

Change is good ELP and UTEP! Have some pride in your university and support academics and athletics. Give them strong leaders, not YES men/women.

miner fan

i say fire stull and and hire price in his position. granted price sucked in the end but he loves this town and the school.. stull coached for two years thats it. price has been uteps only real coach and only one who has really changed our football program. i mean its not great but theres some pride know at least. so i say HIRE PRICE FOR NEW AD!!!!

David Crosby

Oh my God..here we go again. El Paso is known for its dollar stores..nickel and dime attitude, now at UTEP..we are taking steps in negative fashion...low cost ..yields low cost results. JUST DROP THE PROGRAM THEN! Don't put the city through this all over again. Too much stress for the fan who pays a decent price for its ticket. C'MON MAN!

Steve Fiascher

Perhaps UTEP should take a chance on recently fired Cal Coach Tedford. He was great for a while but eventually fizzled. He is honest and there will be no cheating and he expects kids to attend class.

One other thing -he did recruit Aaron Rodgers

Tim Leary

You are all just dumb.

Bad Idea

Stupid idea, Joe, as usual. How would he recruit? No kid in his right mind would come here knowing the coach will be temporary.

Stull has built a good legacy as UTEP AD. Why risk public scrutiny if he is unsuccessful?

Mike Price was very successful at UTEP, relatively speaking, and some morons in EP who think they know football were ready to run him out of town. Price attracted better athletes. Price changed the mentallity of the UTEP football fan. People here used to be happy with 3 or 4 wins and usually were ho-hum about 2. Price had fans here moaning if UTEP won 5 or less. That is a positive step. The Miners realistically had a shot at a bowl each season under Price. Even if it was a lower-tiered bowl.

According to the Texas Tribune (http://www.texastribune.org/library/data/government-employee-salaries/the-university-of-texas-at-el-paso/) Tim Floyd makes $600,000/yr, Diana Natalicio $382,200/yr, Mike Price $267,800/yr, and Bob Stull $227,460/yr.

What UTEP needs to do is open their wallet and offer $500,000 to $750,000 base per year. Once a figure like that is public you will see very capable coaches apply at UTEP. A coach that caliber will bring in even better athletes than Price did.


Bad Idea - the money comes from the UT system. Only so much alloted to the branch schools. UT spends more money on recruiting football players than they give the branch schools to run their entire program. If Floyd is getting $600,000 then Stull better head over to El Paso High and hire their head coach, he can't afford anyone else. And yes, with Natalicio academics come first, and she has done a great job, but if you are going to be a big time program, the boosters need to step up, and as David Crosy said, El Paso is better known for its Dollar Stores than it is it's Sakowitz.

Tio Tomas

Bob stull should retire w price, not to mention nastylicio. This is the most pathetic three headed monster in collegiate athletics. Joe should be ashamed of himself for the mere mention of such a stupid idea. Save money and let coach and ad do the same job. Has anyone not seen what Jerry jones Owwner and GM has done to the most valuable franchise in pro football. Joe needs to stop pitching dumb ideas while he is on the Juarez weed.


Tim Leary - no need to sling insults. This marginal newspaper and poor blog topic didn't leave much latitude for articulate, thought provoking comments. While I concur the content was lacking; the passion was real.

All we want is to be proud of UTEP. It's a mediocre institution that deserves more support from the community. Heck, I wish they'd become their own system, like U. of Houston and N. Texas. They don't have to answer to the likes of the UT system, so they have latitude for continuous improvement in academics and athletics without the bureaucracy.

Dr. Natalicio had a medical school move into her neck of the woods that she doesn't control; she can't control academics at UTEP - the athletic side of the house is worse off than most know. This program and institution will always be second class. They should demote to a conference like the Big Sky where they would compete at D-2 in football, and D-1 in Olympic sports. The college leadership need to look at this closely; UTEP would be able to continue to take payout games with the likes of UT & A&M, and STILL be competitive at the D-2 level. C-USA is (now) basically a D-2 conference on steroids.

God bless you.

Another season

RickC has a point. The last 40 years gives us five winning seasons. What has changed that makes anyone think the next 10 years won't be any different? More funding for the football program --- from where? A change in UTEP's recruiting --- how does that happen? Move to the MWC --- the MWC will take Tulsa and another no-name WAC team before looking at UTEP.

If you can't compete where you are, maybe competing somewhere else, a lower level for example, should be considered.


Hire Andy Reid.


Also, petition city council to give the football and basketball programs funding. If the city can pay for a minor league baseball team, then why not subsidize our minor league football and basketball programs?


I received this second hand, but isn't the reason the MWC has issue with UTEP because of the cold shoulder the Sun Bowl committee gave BYU several years back, instead taking TCU. The Sun Bowl could've selected someone at large because the PAC-10 didn't have a sufficient number of bowl eligible teams.

My limited understanding, the WAC at that time, as well as BYU felt slighted. That slight was reciprocated when BYU and other MWC members left the WAC.

Miner Maniac

It was Wyoming that was snubbed over TCU in the 1998 Sun Bowl. It was actually the Big Ten that didn't have enough bowl eligible teams that year.


I was at that game, and I can tell you TCU either belonged in a bowl game or USC didn't. The Horned Frogs just ran all over USC that day! I enjoyed it.

1998 was the final year of the 16-team super conference WAC. Air Force, BYU, Colorado State, New Mexico, San Diego State, UNLV, Utah, and Wyoming were departing to form the Mountain West Conference beginning in 1999. Left behind were Fresno State, Hawaii, Rice, San Jose State, SMU, TCU, Tulsa, and UTEP. I agree that the Mountain West was ticked off that Wyoming wasn't invited to the Sun Bowl, considering Wyoming finished 8-3 and TCU 6-5. Although the Sun Bowl game has no association with UTEP whatsoever, the Mountain West felt UTEP had some influence in the decision, thus resulting in the Sun Bowl picking a WAC team over a future Mountain West team. Personally even if UTEP did want to stick it to the future Mountain West, I seriously doubt the university has that kind of influence over the Sun Bowl Association. In the end, TCU brought fans from in-state, whereas Wyoming wouldn't had brought that many fans to El Paso.

Sometime back when the Mountain West expanded to 10 teams (or 12, I forget), it was rumored UTEP was considered a candidate. However it was on the condition that UTEP would guarantee the Mountain West receive an automatic bid to the Sun Bowl. Again that wasn't going to happen, as the Sun Bowl Association is independent from UTEP. Also you have to consider CBS wanted to keep the then Pac 10-Big Ten match-up due to ratings.

Personally I can care less about the Mountain West. I consider them the Benedict Arnolds of the old WAC. Besides, TV-wise believe it or not, C-USA's deal is better than the Mountain West!


Well written. Thank you.


Hire Stull for both jobs that way if they have a 3-8 season or worst then he can be fired from both jobs and save tons of money? Don't think that he would do this and put his stable job as AD on the line.

Dback #72

Skip Holtz is now available.

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