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December 13, 2012


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Hell No

Why are people so infatuated with The Mouth? It's like the Michael Jackson syndrome. Strelz is completely obnoxious as a public address announcer. From UTEP games to Diablos games, heck even the Buzzards games, I couldn't stand him at all! I attend games to watch the athletes on the field/court/ice, and not listen to a loudmouth over amplified sound speakers! I hope he never calls another game period! I hope the soon-to-be Triple-A baseball team doesn't hire The Mouth as their PA announcer. Otherwise I will seriously reconsider purchasing season tickets! No mas of The Mouth! Just go the f**k away!


I have to agree with "Hell No" This would be a horrible idea.


He suuuuuuuucked!

miner fan

like him or hate him, he would last exactly one game, if even that long before the conference would demand him being replaced.

A Fan

Want fan support? Win more games.

Joey Pennisi

Bringing back the Strelz is a no brainer! The "Don" rocked when he was on the mike! You want to put fannies is the seats? Bring him back. Now!!! Mmmmmminer Ball!!!!

Reed Leverton

I agree with Joey 100%. Bring back the Strelz!

John Dynia

Haters are gonna hate and this town if FULL of haters. When Strelzin was the announcer playing the Diablos or the Miners at home was one of the toughest games a team faced all year. People used to be afraid to play UTEP at the Don,(or the Special Events Center as it was in those days) no longer. The place rocked when Dave Feitl or Soup Campbell hit the floor, there is no energy anymore. I remember when going to a UTEP game was an EVENT, under Bob Stull it has all the excitement of a Boardroom meeting. The time has come for the Band to play Miner's Fight, for the Team to hit the floor in front of a SOLD-OUT crowd, for the Don to be ORANGED OUT (screw this white out garbage, we wear ORANGE dagnabit!) and for the Strelz to yell its time for "MINEEEEER BAAAAALLL!!!"


No Mouth please. The fans do not come because of the PA announcer. Even as a one game gimmick it is a bad idea. If you are really serious about a one game gimmick, how about a Joe Muench blog-retirement party? Now that would be a reason to celebrate!

Even with the Miners rebuilding and not currently winning, I still can't believe there isn't more fan support. It is still major college basketball and probably the best sports entertainment available in El Paso. I guess El Paso is just not a sports town. Tim Floyd is doing great things for the program. I hope some folks start to realize this and fill the seats - they may not be winning now but right around the corner we are gonna see a great team.


Canaima is right about UTEP BB being the best sports entertainment in the city. Not too expensive, and entertaining.

The results don't yet show that Tim Floyd is doing great things, which is one reasons why the stands are not filled. 800,000 people in the city and we can't get 9,000 tails in DHC on a Saturday night. If Coach Floyd was doing a bang up job and the team was winning making it to the NCAA tourney regularly, attendance wouldn't be a problem.

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that guy

the guy was a great announcer, but that is just sad that that is even considered to to sell out the don. el paso is the sorriest place to watch bball game ive ever been to (football is eh). all you need to do is make a shot and then whoop! you can hear crickets. i got yelled at by someone to stop yelling like really i thought we stood for D!!!! we brought in Oregon and UNLV and only 8K for both games. flyod has shot the program threw the roof basically overnight and still cant get people in the seats. im sorry el paso is a lost cause no matter whos there glad im moving away from this piss whole, but utep bball will always be my team go miner!!!!

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