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November 17, 2012


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W is better than an L, regardless of who it's against.


I gave the Mineros a F for effort and an U for coaching.

Only one more game left with Coach Cupcake!

Big Pick

Hey jUTEP, crawl back in your hole! I applude the team for finding a way to win on the road. By the way, Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Roman Hernandez

Posters like jUTEP are mindless feckless intolerants that think they know more than anyone else and should be dismissed as complainers!
He actually believes that Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Texas, Texas Tech, Ole Miss and Arkansas were "cupcakes"?
Coach Price has been a class act all the way since he's been the head coach at UTEP!
When coach Price was hired, I posted that not even Jesus himself could help UTEP's fortunes, and I was proved correct, because coach Price was and is a great coach, but he couldn't win with recruits that UTEP has been relegated to get to come here! These poor players are those that are left over and passed over by most D-1 schools! These poor kids cannot compete with the blue chippers that choose to go to these other schools!
It is my sincere hope that AD Bob Stull chooses a coach with Price's credentials and expertise! Good luck Miners kick Rice's butt!


People just don't get it. I'm not looking for wins against Oklahoma, Texas, or any of the so-called BCS power conferences. In fact I don't expect UTEP to beat these teams. What I expect are CONFERENCE wins, and CONFERENCE championships, and BOWL GAME wins! C-USA is a weak conference, and will become even weaker next season. Why is it that UTEP remains as the door mat to others in C-USA? Players don't response to the coaches of the past! You need younger coaches who relate better with their players. Aggressive types like a Harbaugh who is now coaching the 49ers. Price may have once been a good head coach, but his time had long passed him by. Good riddance that he's gone! And had he insisted on staying another year, I'd had hoped Stull would have had the cajones to say no. Bring on a new coach, even if it's for a short 2-3 year stint. We need new blood at UTEP! For the first time in years I'm actually looking forward to a UTEP football season! Adios Price!

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