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November 24, 2012


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Ding dong the fawker's gone! Good riddance!


A lot of people don't realize how much Mike Price has done for UTEP Football. He was a good coach, and I wish him a long and happy retirement. I also hope he sticks around UTEP. With that said........AD Stull needs to bring a head coach that can update our offense, I think UTEP had become predictable with the offence the Prices were running......

Another season

UTEP 3-9, NMSU 1-11, UNM 4-9. Commonalities between the three?

1. Low paid coaching staffs.
2. Poor attendance --- a result of poor records, no doubt.
3. Poor recruiting --- lack of appeal to high school players and distance to fertile recruiting grounds.

For UTEP, literally, five or six winning seasons since 1970. Either we need to drop down a division, or drop football and then put the money saved into programs that have a chance of winning. And no, students don't come to UTEP for the football program.

Out There

Just throwing this out there....

Bobby Petrino!

I mean we've already hired one former SEC coach who was fired for a bad decision.

Think about it Stully.


The best direction to look at is to what San Jose State just did. Nobody I mean NOBODY ever thought that you could recruit there with such outdated facilities, lowly conference, absolutely zero fan support, and Stanford and Cal flanking you from both sides.

However, coach Mike Mcyntire has built a juggernaut there. Dick Tomey left the cupboard absolutely barren but a young coach has rebuilt it with some quality players.

UTEP needs to take the same step. Please DON'T bring in another D-I retread (Dirk Koetter anyone), but be dilligent in your search AND pluck out a bright assistant OR even an FBS coach.

UTEP has the facilities to compete. What they don't have is the budget nor the recruiting grounds (yet). Since the Budget will always probably be a problem, you want to build a program that's gonna attract up and coming young head coaches once their predecessors are hired away to another D-1 school.(its gonna constantly happen just the nature of the beast) The goal is to keep the cupboards full with good players and make this an attractive program for good football minds to get their start at and for players to want to come here.


Drop a division? Drop football? Concentrate on basketball? Become a basketball power? Ok. What conference would we be in? Not even the Sun Belt would take us without a football program. What would be our path into the NCAA tournament? It would be a disaster. We have facilities in place to work our way towards a competitive football program. The days of 0,1 or 2 win seasons are gone. While Price was not able to make us a winning program, we have averaged 5 wins a season during his tenure. We are close. Now is not the time to tuck tail and run. The right hire could take us to the next level.


Price ""Uteped" himself Joe by relying on his incompetent son to do his offesnive recruiting and coordinating. Take a look at where the failures were on this team; offense and special teams. Where did Aaron Price coach and recruit - offense and special teams. Sorry don't blame the school or for once, the town for Price inability to find the incompetence on his own staff.

JZ - the cupboard at San Jose State was barren before Toomey took over. What little was there was left by Toomey, not his predecesors. But you are right. UTEP needs to get a young coach that knows Texas and can recruit the state, but be aware that since there is no support in El Paso for the team by the people with money that they will be leaving as soon as a larger school with more money tosses a few dollars out there.


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