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November 27, 2012


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Dustin Jones

I totally agree. Bring the Aggies into C-USA.


This is written by an Aggie who just saw their crummy dying WAC add a Division II school who oddly has local tv ads here. I truly hope NMSU continues to stay in that dying WAC with the football team dropping down to the FCS level. What would be even sweeter is seeing them in either the Big Sky or Southland Conference after all this realignment is put on hold for at least a while.

Anyways, UTEP should either look to join the Mountain West or even the Big East. The ACC will raid the Big East again very soon (Louisville most likely) meaning they need more schools. Schools like UTEP, Tulsa, UNM, AFA (football only), UNLV, Fresno St, Nevada would consider joining due to their Western location which the Big East is looking for as well as potential new markets. The new C-USA moving forward is not the ideal scenario to be in 3-5 years from now. The goal should be to be in a conference where tv money revenue as well as national exposure can help which is what the Big East currently offer. As crazy as that sound. We'll see. Your move Nataicio, Stull, & co.

Out There

Cocaine is a helluva drug.


I'd like to see UTEP & NMSU move down to the Big Sky in football; they should look to the WAC, West Coast Conference, or Mountain West in all other sports.

Football is a futile endeavor for both.


UTEP should try and get back into the Mountain West particularly IF Boise State and SDSU rejoin the MWC....Even if BSU and SDSU dont rejoin MWC, theres no reason for UTEP to stay in CUSA now that SMU and Houston are leaving...

If that happens I would say that MWC and Big East would be two respectable & comparable conferences.


I don't think UTEP is welcome in the MWC. Recall, the MWC picked the WAC clean and didn't even look UTEPs direction.

Miner Maniac

The pending departures of Houston, SMU, Memphis, and Central Florida, and now recently announced Tulane and East Carolina, should still work out for Conference USA. The conference will be adding North Texas, UT-San Antonio, Louisiana Tech, Old Dominion, Charlotte, and Florida International. You'll still have a 12-member conference. The division alignment will be as follows:

West - UTEP, Rice, Tulsa, UT-San Antonio, North Texas, Louisiana Tech

East - Southern Miss, UAB, Marshall, Old Dominion, Charlotte, Florida International

While I agree that adding NMSU would be an ideal two-game road trip swing with UTEP, it wouldn't work for football. You'd also need to add another school to balance the divisions.

This whole conference realignment musical chairs is totally insane!


While I doubt I would ever see UTEP play again if they moved down to FCS it probably is the best. UTEP flat can't afford to compete in the FBS. Pice earned $368,000 as the head coach. Coordiantors in the SEC earn $800,000. If you can't get decent coaches, you can't recruit decent players. The spiral just continues downward.

Financially, NMSU is much better off, it just has a smaller fan base. Too bad, it is a hell of a school. Both teams need to grow up and move down.

The Game

I'd like to see the two schools in the same conference. They are very similar. Decent basketball teams and terrible football teams. They do well enough in other sports.

And for those that want NMSU to drop down a division in football, do you really want the Miners to play another lower division school in football, further diluting its scheduling rankings? Especially a rival who will jump up and beat the Miners now and then?

Beto Garcia

C-USA is becoming too watered down.

Middle Tennessee? FAU? Give me a break.

UTEP needs to join Tulsa in a move to the MWC.


To: The Game,

The new CUSA conference is already watered down to a lower division conference; it's now on par with the Big Sky Conference. 90% of the additions participated at the sub-level in their recent history.

CUSA isn't going to make it; UTEP and NMSU should be in survival mode and seek a remedy to ensure their financial solvency. Perhaps 7 to 8 away football games as independents for the pay-days at the likes of UT, TxTech, and Arizona; and the rest home contests against mid-tiered schools like UNM, UTSA, NMSU, and North Texas. Olympic sports should compete in the WAC or WCC.

The El Paso and Las Cruces geographical footprint just isn't compatible - not a good TV market either. Nice places to visit, terrible places to invest or reside.

Too bad Mexican universities aren't part of the NCAA - we could then have a real Border Conference.

Go Miner's!


Boy, don't you wish Joe! Yeah, bring an AD with an unreputable reputation to the conference. Ha,ha. Actually, they just may end up in C-USA but not until UTEP and Tulsa wind up in the MWC. By the way, a few years back you made(or tried to) a big deal out of then Miner Stefon Jackson driving a car a living off campus when something that I can't recall propped up. Well, why don't you make a jaunt over to nmsu and take a look at the cars their BB players are driving and where they are living and get back to us, okay? Some of those guys are driving some nice wheels and go some nice digs. Hmm, on a basketball scholly?


CUSA is a joke . UTEP needs to try and get back into the MWC.


To those who say UTEP should move their Olympic sports to the WAC, have you seen how it looks now? Who wants to see CS-Bakersfield, Utah Valley, Grand Canyon, Seattle, and their leader NMSU yearly? Hahahaha what a pathetic conference it is now. At least Idaho made the smart move and took their sports back to the Big Sky. The WCC is made up of private religious schools so it will never be an option. UTEP has three options: stay in C-USA, look to join the MW (preferably with Tulsa), or make a move to the rag tag bunch that is the new Big East. I know there is the wishful thinking of perhaps the Big 12, even the Pac-12, might look this way. Who knows, but for that to even be a remote possibility, the overall athletic program must be consistent for many many years. Up to school leaders to make that happen. We'll see.


Just learned CUSA poached Middle Tennessee State and FAU. WTF!

Get out of CUSA ASAP!

The Game


Yeah, CUSA is pretty bad in football; we all know it. CUSA and the MWC are both currently ranked below the WAC in football, so how bad is that? Strength is one of the reasons why the MWC has cherry picked the WAC --- better football programs than CUSA. And we know that UTEP wasn't given much consideration for membership in the MWC.

The difference between UTEP and NMSU is NMSU knows it's in survival mode. That hasn't hit UTEP admin or even most of the sports fans yet.

It makes sense that two teams that are 40 miles apart and are rivals should be in the same conference. Travel partnership and other synergies come to mind. Plus, as much as we might not like it, we need NMSU to be as strong as it can be since we play them in most sports twice a year. Do we want to have another lower division school on our football schedule each year?


The Game,

WAC football is gone after this season and those schools going to the MW had ballooned records due to weak teams in their league. Both UTEP and the MW have had a feud with each other ever since that conference was formed in 1998. The MW could have invited UTEP last several years but they have had a gentleman's agreement of sorts with C-USA to not poach teams from each other. Hence, the poaching of teams from the WAC and Sun Belt.

If travel between UTEP and NMSU is a big selling point, then why aren't the Aggies even remotely considered? Today, Mid Tenn St and FAU joined C-USA. Granted, they aren't ideal targets but at least they are viewed for bigger potential than NMSU. There is a reason why both UNM and UTEP block the Aggies from being considered for either the MW or C-USA. Neither school wants their territory invaded by an Aggie program who is scrambling to survive. Best option I now see for NMSU is hope the Sun Belt invites them soon. Only time will tell.


ADRIAN: NMSU back to the Sun Belt is not going to happen - they burned too many bridges when they bolted for the WAC.

NMSU doesn't bring anything to the table. B-ball sports are slightly above par, but they, like UTEP are a geographical logistics nightmare. The travel to El Paso from the southeast and east USA is a pain in the arse.

I now reside in N. Alabama, and can tell you - travel to El Paso is a day long endeavor w/two connecting flights (from most places) that get delayed or canceled daily; especially from DFW. Tack on a bus trip to Las Cruces, and I can understand why conferences are reluctant to add either team, or travel to El Paso to compete.

THE GAME: Travel partners work for Olympic sports, but with football it does not. The kids must be in live class (on-campus) a certain percentage of their course loads (even in this day of distance learning). Plus, food and lodging expenses are too high, especially for football players. Quite frankly, I don't know how Hawaii affords to travel to the mainland for athletics.


Believe it or not, NMSU has a pretty good Olympic sports program.

In CY 2012, Baseball, Basketball (2 in 3 years), Golf and Volleyball have all gone to the NCAA tournament.
In 2011 both golf & Softball went to the NCAA tourney. Unfortunately, it's all about Football.

The problems for NMSU is a weak TV market, a lousy FB team, a horrible Ath. Dir. and clueless President, who we just canned.

Can't do nothing about the TV market.
The football team has been thru 5 Offensive Coord's in 5 years!! Which includes a high turnover with assistant coaches.

We need bring in a good President, give Boston the boot and bring in an Athletic Dir. with a clue and increase the pay for assistants so they stick around longer.
This will be a step in the right direction!

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