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November 10, 2012


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It's a whole lot better when your college team loses not as bad as before? That's gotta be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard related to sports.

Who Is SunCity's Next  Resident

Again, Price's dream prototypical 6'4" 230# quarterback(ala Trevor the no toe Vitoho) is the new chosen one. Hut 1, hut 2, peak at the defense, tuck in the ball & run like heck...2nd down and 9. 10 scripted plays (reviewed & practiced over the last 2 weeks) produced results, but then what? Play calling by the Price dynasty was abysmal. Again, players playing their guts out only to be continually chopped off at the knees. 1st and goal on the three(settle for 3). Settle, settle, settle...after his first 5 years you got what you payed for. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Enjoy continued life in the basement UTEP, while he cruses Sun City in his new golf cart.


Only losers accept losing and only losers continue to support Mike Price. If Bob Stull is dumb enough to bring him back next year, UTEP will have to give away tickets (much like this season) to all home games. Hopefully Mike Price is done here.


Geez Joe - do you only write your blogs when you're drunk?

More incoherent babbling from Joe - I don't think MIner fans can take another season of this second-rate, drunken babbling from Joe. Please EP Times, find a true sport journalist and end our misery!

A Fan


We Miner fans have lived with something on the order of five winning seasons in the last 40+ years. Nothing Joe can write is more painful or pathetic than that.

Life goes on. The Miner football team has another losing season. Joe writes what Joe writes to get us to respond.


"Only losers continue to support Mike Price"--Sorry, but I guess with old age I have become forgetful, because I cant remember when UTEP football was a winning program. Using your logic, everyone should support Coach Price, I mean he has won more games than any other coach at UTEP. I support Coach Price for one simple reason, its that I understand the difference between a "team" and a "Program." Look at the demise of Auburn, Kentucky, Tenn...all want wining teams, but because of the coaching musical chairs they forget about the "program." Virginia Tech is having the worst year I can remember, but yet you dont read anywhere anything about Coach Beamer being on the hotseat. That my friend is the difference between a good program and a good team. Coach Price might not have a good team this year, but he has a good respectable program on and off the field, so unless UTEP is willing to fund a Natioanla Championship run, we are better off keeping Coach Price!


I got a great idea...Instead of going through the hassle of firing and hiring, how about we trade one loser for another. Theres plenty of them out there. Jon Embree from Colorado, Joker Phillips or maybe John L Smith. My choice would be George O'Leary, so what if he fibbed on his resume or Tommy Tuberville, I dont mind if he slaps Grad Assistants, as long as we get our 4 wins a year Iam happy! We can also give them half the ticket sales, haha joke would be on them..(i guess that would leave John L Smith out of equation.)




Why limit the firing of just Joe, the EPTimes should probably fire everyone there, and give thier operation to El Paso High. The El Paso High Times would probably be worth reading.


You should change your name to booby because thats what you are, a boob. You have no idea what you are talking about. You wouldnt know the difference between a "team" and a "program" if it slapped you in the face like Tuberville. And as for VT, theyre awful. No excuse for their awful performance other than it is time for beamer and bud to get out of Tech and retire while both can still walk. Please, get a life.


UTEPERNATOR---"Booby" really, you sound like my 10 year old. "comon-man"...comon sense says you dont take your winningest coach and fire them because of a bad year. VT is lucky to have Beamer and Foster. Coach Foster could have left Tech a long time ago to be a head coach at a top tier school. You need to understand that Vt, UTEP and all the other schools out there are exactly that, SCHOOLS! The focus should be on graduating student athletes and being conpetitive on an academic basis, not giving pot smokers that can barely read full rides because they can catch a football. Oh by the way, a Program is not what you watch on Nick at Night.

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