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November 23, 2012


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The Game

Looks like the Miner basketball team is a little weak on the defensive side as well. Seems like the opposition is getting some pretty easy looks at the basket. But hey, they lost to powerhouses Oklahoma and Clemson, so no worries. Right?


Genius. Sounds pretty much like what the ESPN announcers were saying about UTEP during the last two games (difficulty scoring, live off of defense this year, scorers coming into the program, good athletes...). Excellent job of reporting the ESPN assessment Joe (oh, except I think you forgot to cite the source).

Miners have looked pretty bad but there have been flashes of light. They're gonna do all right in conference play and the program is on the rise. I'm optimistic that this is going to turn into a strong, winning team.

Longhorn Alumnus

Joe, you're spot on. If the Miners had that one guy that could threaten to score 20 points in any given game, any one of these games could have gone the other way. There is little pressure on an opposing team to score if they expect the Miners to miss their shots, so why not play as loose as Clemson did?
The mental toughness the Miners play with is well-respected though, and it seems like Floyd has recruited pure scorers for next year's team. I saw Jordan Hamilton play when I was at Texas, and if his cousin Isaac is anything remotely like him, the Miners will be immediately impacted in a good way. I am very excited to see this team for the next couple of years.


I know it's early, but how did everyone say this team was better than last years. You lose your team leader Gabe and you best scorer Perez, besides C Wash this team the newbies have not panned out. Makes me nervous when Floyd keeps talking about how young we are. We are always going to be young if we can't keep players!

Next story should be about the 6 people we have signed with only 1 senior scholly available.


UTEP will eventually be good under CTF. Unfortunately they can't shoot the 3 and on the other side they haven't been able to defend the perimeter. Add that to the complete lack of rebounding prowess (blocking out) and you have a recipe for disaster.

Bringing back Tucker and adding McKenzie Moore will hopefully help on the offensive end and with time the miners will shore up their defense and rebounding.

It's going to be an up and down year but by the end of the season the miners will be competing for the C-USA championship.

And yes, why hasn't there been any story on what Floyd will do next year now that he has over signed by 4-5 players? Are we looking at a complete overhaul except for a few, or will most of these guys not make it in to El Paso?


Just hope they beat Vandy, an SEC school on Sunday, and then blow the hell out of the Aggies on Wednesday.


It's still early but if the Miners have another losing season, the honeymoon will be over for Tim Floyd.

Saint Floyd has been seen as the savior for UTEP Basketball. How much rope will they give him before the y hang him with it?


Adrian, this is barely his third season and we've already been to the NIT.

It took Barbee 4 years to build UTEP into an NCAA team.

One media organization has ranked next year's recruiting class as the 21st best in the nation, while another has us as the 25th best. When was the last time you saw that at UTEP?? Its been a while.

Out There

After nabbing the 25th best player in the country and possibly a top 25 recruiting class overall, Floyd has a bungee cable



Barbee had a winning program in 2 years and Left Floyd with a championship program that underachieved under Floyd and only made it to the N.I.T.

Recruiting is great but performance on the court is the only thing that matters.

If Floyd has another losing season, people should start to question it.

Why should he get any more time than the other coaches?


Adrian, I agree. Barbee left him the NIT team.

He needs to be questioned. We have lost a ton of guys since he has been here. Starting with Moultre!

We will always be young because few will be here for four years.


So you are saying that we should fire Tim Floyd if we have a losing season this year??

And let our 5-star recruit, Issac Hamilton, and possibly his little brother, another top recruit who wants to follow his big brother and play at the same school in the future go elsewhere??


I'm not saying that Floyd should be fired if he has another losing season. I'm just saying that the three or four previous coaches turned the team around in year three. If Floyd doesn't do it, people will start to talk and the ST. if front of Tim's name should come off.

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